Thursday, March 21, 2019

March 21st

Well, the Jeep's gone.  Paul texted me and said they wanted to surprise their daughter (who the car's for), so they were going to pretend they were coming to me to pick up a car part.  They knocked on the door, Tilly barked, I said "let me come out, so she doesn't bother everybody" and we wandered out to the drive, where the Jeep was parked.  I opened the garage door, and pointed at the pile o' stuff from the Jeep, and Paul asked his daughter what she thought of the Jeep.  She said it was cool, so I gave her the keys and said "here, have it".  She was like "whatever" until they said it was hers, at which point she pretty much collapsed on the floor :o)  She and her mother drove of in it, and Paul and I did the paperwork, then he left to join them at lunch.  Yay.

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