Wednesday, April 24, 2019

April 23rd

The lever for one of the toilets has broken (hey, it's >20 year old plastic, I'm not bothered), so I figured I'd replace them both, and the fill valve for the one that occasionally changes itself.  I took the car over to Lowe's and picked up everything I needed (I had thought about changing the tap on the water hose, but that'd need me to turn off water to the house, and to have measured the input pipe, rather than just assume it's 1/2").  I changed everything out, then noticed that the tank would occasionally fill for a couple of seconds - the old lever had the arm bent, where the new one doesn't, meaning it's putting a little sideways pressure on the system and allowing water through, albeit very slowly.  I was going to bend the arm (with a little heat), but then I figured I'd just put a zip tie on it and see if that works.  It has, so I'll leave that until it causes a problem :o)

Oh, the fun, it never stops...

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