Thursday, March 5, 2020

March 5th

I've been noticing the 1090 listener dropping out on the ADS-B Raspberry Pi:

The darker blue is where there have been more positions - the listener process has been just stopping hearing anything for great long periods of time until I notice something's up and restart it.  The 978 listener is working fine during these times.  I tried reconnecting everything, and it didn't help for long, so I figured it could be a problem with the USB connector on the Pi - I was going to try swapping in a different Pi when I remembered I have a newer Pi B+, so I spent some time getting that all set up and working.  It's still complaining about the CPU load, but it seems to be collecting data better than it was.

I'd ordered some antennae from the software defined radio manufacturer that were supposed to be tuned for 978 and 1090 MHz, and they arrived.  I still wasn't seeing much 978 traffic, but my 1090 range went from ~90 miles to ~35 miles, so those came back off and got sent back - I have a feeling I'm going to have to build my own antennae to get better reception, but the good news is I'm not the first to come to this conclusion :o)

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