Monday, June 15, 2020

June 14th

Randy came over and we did some work on his Honda Pilot - we replaced the thermostat, a tickover sensor and a sensor in the rear differential.  I managed to drop a gasket under the airbox, and taking that out we found the filter was filthy, so we replaced that too.  We went to get some lunch, and figured out that the cooling system has air bubbles in it (strangely never had that problem changing the radiator in the Jeep, so he'll work on that - it seems as simple as running it with the heater on for a while.

In the evening we went for a flight around Beale Air Force base's airspace, and it was glorious - warm enough, but no thermals or bouncy wind.  We even saw what looked like a Flightstar or Hurricane single seater and a couple of powered parachutes over by Camp Far West lake.

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