Monday, June 22, 2020

June 21st

Chris invited me to fly with him in the RV-6A to Willows for lunch, so I met him at Lincoln and we flew over there.

After lunch, we flew back, and got to say "hi" on the radio to Paul Hollingsworth on his way to Truckee.

Jamie was pushing her new gyroplane back up the taxiway, so we went and pushed it back to the hangar, then tried to start it and diagnosed a flat battery.  I also explained that if you interrupt the shutdown of her EFIS, it'll stay on, and that's why she was freaking out about the EFIS not shutting down.  We plugged her battery into a tender, but with the AGM battery at 10.5v, I'm not promising it'll come back.

John was out putting miles on his new Harley, so he stopped at Lincoln for water and an ice cream, then followed me home to say "hi" to Vic before heading home again.

In the evening we watched "Bloodshot."

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