Sunday, August 30, 2020

August 29th

I'm on call this weekend, so after clearing out the stuff that came in overnight, I found out that Faceberk had disabled my account for some bullshit reason or another.  I made a start on the recovery process, then went to the airport for the display day.

I chatted to Ken for a bit, and he mentioned maybe looking at buying my old plane, but it hasn't been up for sale for a while.  I said I still have the buyer's phone number somewhere, but decided to check the registration - it's been sold and moved to Princeton, CA, which is sort of between Colusa and Willows - maybe I'll see it flying again if we ever get to have the Colusa fly in again.

I got the plane out, and taxied down for the display day stuff - I was the first one there, so yay.  I've had a grinding noise from one of the brakes, and I thought I'd fixed it, but getting to taxi at a faster speed, I really haven't.  After the display stuff was all done with, I taxied back to the hangar and took a look at the brakes - the pads looked the same as always, but I reckon they're shot, so I put on a spare set I had from Greg at Magni.  He'd never replaced a set, so he thought they might be bonded on or something, but they came off easily enough with an Allen wrench.  The new ones were significantly thicker, and I put everything back together and took the plane out for a little flight.  While the new brakes are bedding in they don't work well at all, but they're getting better all the time - at first they'd barely hold the thing still at 2,000rpm, but now they're holding it at 2,500rpm, so they're almost normal now.

I went home and got everything up to date with work, and jumped through the various hoops for Faceberk, but I'm actually not bothered about jettisoning it if they make this too difficult - I've been reading about people who couldn't re-enable their account, and then couldn't create a new account without changing their name or something.  I'd be interested to know what exactly has caused this.

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