Monday, October 5, 2020

October 3rd

We got up and went to the airport, then flew to Auburn with Randy to meet Chris and Tim for brunch.

Tony, Mark and Mark ended up joining us there in their STOL aircraft, as their plans had fallen through.

Everybody flew back to Lincoln after we were done, Chris flew in formation with me, so I'm hoping Tim got some nice pictures with his phone.

Randy was due for his 50 hour service, so he started in on that, and Chris was amazed to hear that you need to check the torque of the prop bolts every 25 hours, so we did that, then cleaned his filthy air filter as Randy was doing his, then tightened up his rotor brake cable slightly, as his brake doesn't do much.  Once everything was finished, Chris and Tim headed back to Cameron Park and Randy dropped me home (Vic took the car when it looked like we were going to be a few hours.)

Later, we went to REI so Vic could look at their selection of electric bikes.

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