Sunday, February 28, 2021

February 28th

I started the day looking at the DRZ, as it won't run without the choke.  I'd hoped it was an air leak that I could easily fix, but it looks like the jets need cleaning.  Oh good, I get to try and take the carb out again.

Randy came and picked me up (because the van won't start until I replace the gearbox safety switch) and we went to the airport to fly to Auburn to meet everybody for brunch.  It was pretty busy getting in there, so I did an orbit to let a couple of people get on the ground before me.

Afterwards, we flew down the North fork of the American River canyon, then back up the South for a ways before heading home.

I had intended to look at the DRZ carb, but meh, I wasn't feeling it by the time Randy dropped me home.

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