Sunday, March 21, 2021

March 21st

Randy and I braved the wind to fly up to Auburn for brunch.

Having spent the morning watching people not do so great in the gusts, we decided to go pretty much straight back to Lincoln - having to remember part way there that we were going to be landing on 33, so didn't need to do a 45 degree join to downwind :o)

When he dropped me home, Randy came and played with the guinea pigs for a while - I don't introduce people to them because I'm allergic to them, and their hay.

Tilly ended up falling asleep on the floor in the guinea pig room because nobody was paying attention to her.  Well, other than me, but she can ignore me any time.

I'd talked about doing an edited video, rather than just a start to finish video, so I threw together this:

Henry's coming next month, so I'll probably shoot more video, plus talk to him about editing :o)

I took the float bowl off the carb on the DRZ, and got the jets out - they looked fine, but I've left them soaking in carb cleaner to try and fix what looks like a pilot jet blockage problem.

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