Monday, March 8, 2021

March 6th

It was supposed to be raining today.  A lot.  So the display day we were aiming to go to at Sutter was cancelled earlier in the week.  But it was bright sunshine and dry, so we flew to Oroville for lunch - I believe it's the first time we've been there since New Year's Day :o)

Chris flew his RV-6A, and so he could fly through the (permanent) Temporary Flight Restriction over Beale Air Force Base (it's so the Reaper drones can launch and land from >18,000' without worrying about hitting people flying over their class C airspace), was talking to NorCal approach - he said they were telling people about the two unidentified aircraft at 1300' flying under the Beale shelf - that was us :o)

As often happens, we didn't get picked up on the way home until we were pretty much over Camp Far West Lake reservoir.  There were parachutes in the air, which is why I did a few orbits on the way in - to let them land.

Vic took Tilly to the dog park while I was out.  A 10 month old Labrador puppy wouldn't stop banging Tilly around trying to play, so they came home pretty quickly :o(

In the evening, we watched "Monster Hunter".

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