Sunday, April 25, 2021

April 24th

The forecast wasn't great, but Randy and I tried to get to Auburn for lunch.  There were a few spots of rain at Lincoln, but it was raining pretty hard as we approached Auburn.  The interesting thing is that the chirping from the rotors goes silent in the rain - it's stupid, but I kept looking up to see if the rotor was still there :o)

Once we'd got back to Lincoln, we drove to lunch at Karen's, then headed home.  Randy's had a problem with his truck, so we looked at it - the code reader indicates a problem with the cam position sensor, and when he went and bought a new one, it's the same part as the crank position sensor.  He's replaced that before, so figured he just needed to do that again, and replaced the perfectly good crank position sensor.  Strangely enough, this didn't fix his problem, so we looked at it.  The cam position sensor has to be at one end of the engine or the other, and there was something that looked promising on the front of the engine.  We took that out, but it wasn't the cam position sensor, so we put it back.  I couldn't see any wiring between the engine and the firewall, so I went home and looked on the Google for inspiration.  It was indeed on the firewall end of the engine, and I started playing with the DaVinci Resolve video editing software and left him to sort it out.

I'm looking at new video software because mine isn't great - it's 10 years old, for a start, and Henry's videos look a lot better with pretty much the same camera.

Randy called and said he was having problems getting the old cam position sensor out, so I told him to get a new one (obviously he'd thrown out the good one he took out) while I headed over.  I couldn't reach the back of the engine, so we had to improvise a step, but I managed to get it out, and the new one in.  The truck now starts just fine :o)

When I got in, Vic was watching "Shooter", so I sort of watched the rest of that.

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