Monday, April 5, 2021

April 4th

I flew to Oroville to meet Chris and Tim for breakfast, and we wandered over to the hangars to talk to Merle, who's tinkering with a Onex.  I also got to chat to Peewee, who's something with the EAA chapter there - they're hoping to get the city to charge cost for their avgas on their display day next Saturday.  I don't care, but that'll cheer up a bunch of guys at Lincoln who usually head up there.

As usual, I was too low for the ADS-B stuff to show up.

When I got back, I started in on the 1200 hour service for the plane.  I've done all the engine work, now I just have some greasing to do on the pre-rotator and rotor head and I'm set for another 100  hours :o)

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