Sunday, May 23, 2021

May 22nd

I picked Randy up on the way to the airport, then, as my ADS-B listener hasn't been logging any UAT traffic (again,) we flew towards the house before heading to Auburn to meet Chris for lunch.

At lunch, I checked to see if my listener had seen us, and it hadn't, so I rebooted it.  It never came back up :o(

Randy had a family thing, so we flew straight(ish) back.

I got to build a new RPi image for the ASD-B listener.  I used a different micro-SD card, as it's possible that the old one is throwing errors or something.

I have an odd wiring thing, where the socket by my desk has one always on socket, and one that's switched from the wall, so it can be a lamp or something.  The old surge protector I had was using the top (always on) socket, but I'm replacing it with a new one with two USB ports built in.  The new surge protector uses the bottom (switched) socket, so I took the whole thing out of the wall and swapped the power wires.  Obviously the switched socket was off, so I unplugged that first, then moved the always on wires to that (don't know which of my badly labelled circuit breakers goes there, can't be bothered to find out.)  I managed this without setting fire to the house or electrocuting myself (it's only 110v) in the process :o)

In te evening, we watched "Mortal Kombat."

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