Friday, May 7, 2021

May 6th

My day started with my work laptop taking a dump, so I'm having to use my home desktop to try and get some work done.

The DMV are fun, aren't they?  My license expires in August, and they have this new Real ID thing if you want to get on a domestic flight.  I didn't really care, as I have to carry my green card anyway, but hey, you can scan your documents and apply online, so I did that.  "Thanks," they say, "now bring those in to the DMV and we can process your application."  <sigh>.  So, I went in, and one of the things the online application does is set you up with an appointment, so you don't have to wait.  I went in, and the guy at the appointments entry told me I needed to go to the main line, so I went and waited.  And waited.  There were only a few people in front of me, but they were all being told the wait was about an hour.  I got to the front and they asked what I was there for, so I showed them the appointment thing on my phone, and they said I should have gone to the other entry that was for appointments.  <sigh>.  Still, after about 15 minutes inside, I was all done.

Despite all this, I got away quickly enough to go to the post office and send my passport back to the UK  so I can get a new one.  I believe it'll be blue, and made in Poland.

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