Saturday, November 20, 2021

November 20th

I picked Randy up on the way to the airport for the EAA pancake breakfast.  Shane's new ASI was in the hangar, so I took that out of the box and tested it - it seemed to work, so we installed that into the panel and put everything back together, then went and had breakfast.

We'd aimed to meet Chris and PJ at the Colusa Harvest fly-in, but the cloud was at about 300' over Lincoln, so Randy got a ride home while we tinkered with the planes.

The cloud stayed low until about 11:30, at which point we sent Shane out to test his panel while Randy came back and we preflighted the planes.  I had a flat tyre.  Again.  Luckily I had a spare inner tube, so I fitted that, then we flew to Auburn to meet Chris and PJ.

After drinking soda and chatting for a while, Randy and I flew home.

Randy and Liza went for a longer flight, and it's nice to see that the ADS-B (that I installed and configured) is working :o)

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