Monday, November 22, 2021

November 21st

I started the day going to get gas for the plane, and the pump was just dribbling gas out.  I wasn't particularly in a hurry, so I propped the nozzle in the gas can and sat down to wait.  The attendant came over and asked that we all stop trying to pump gas, as they'd overfilled the tanks and needed to clear the vapour lock.  Eventually that was all cleared, and I got to fill up and head to the airport.

We dinked around getting everything ready and so on, then I flew Lisa so Shane could fly his daughter, and Randy flew by himself up to Auburn for brunch.

On the way home we flew the North Fork of the American River canyon.  Well, Randy and I did - Shane flew above the rim and watched, as he's still a noob.

I got to test my new David Clark headset, and it works well enough that I managed to forget to switch it on for the flight back, and it was still fine.  This is the new passenger headset - I'm still thinking I'll look at getting myself a Lightspeed on Black Friday.

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