Tuesday, February 21, 2023

February 19th

Randy was late getting to the airport, so he texted me to say he'd meet us up at Auburn.  I headed out a little early, hoping to tootle around on the way, but instead I got to sit and wait for 15 minutes for the 2 Cessnas in front of me to take off so I could depart.

I met Vic there, and as I was walking away from the gyro, Don and Mark arrived from Cameron Park.  Randy showed up even later.

After lunch, we ran down the North Fork of the American River canyon to show Don and Mark what it was like, then circled Chris' house as he was having lunch with his grandchildren.  He didn't hear us and come out and wave :o(

It was a nice day, so Randy and I followed Don and Mark over to Cameron Park to chat about his trim (it won't go back far enough.)

Jeff showed up for his lesson with Don, so Randy and I headed back to Lincoln to leave them to it.

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