Monday, February 6, 2023

February 5th

It started off raining, then there were a bunch of towering cumulus clouds, meaning it was going to be bumpy, so I decided against flying.

Vic and I went and had lunch, then did a little shopping, then went home and I went through the goat sacrifice to get the Alienware Alpha that I'd lent Randy working again.

For reference, you need to:

  • Take it all apart
  • Remove the CMOS battery for 10 minutes
  • Plug the CMOS battery back in
  • Move the blue jumper from the side of the motherboard to the reset pins (vertical) in the middle of the motherboard
  • Power up
  • Press the power button to shut it down
  • Move the blue jumper back
  • Put it all back together

Finally I got to do the BIOS setup and it booted through to the logon prompt.  Yay.

Randy came and picked it up to do a software update on his scooter.

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