Sunday, June 11, 2023

June 10th

Randy came over early in the morning and we drove to the airport to fly to Placerville for their Young Eagles event.  The whole way over we were discussing whether we thought we'd be able to fly at all, looking at the rain up ahead.  

The Placerville AWOS said it was fine, but ADS-B said it was raining.  There were a few sprinkles when we landed, then proper rain while we were going though all the check in stuff.

I think mostly due to the weather (and there being 3 gyros) the kids generally wanted to fly in the enclosed planes - the 2 I flew really enjoyed it though.  Because of the way the wind was switching around, both those flights saw me take off on 05 and land on 23 :o)

Judi asked Randy and me to fly a couple of the volunteers, and we did - it started raining while we were out meaning it was a bit more exciting than I'd hoped for :o(

We had talked about going to Auburn for lunch, but then decided to go to Cameron Park rather than fly through the crappy weather.  There were blue skies at Cameron Park :o)

After lunch, we took a look at Chris' hangar door and the oil cooler on his RV-6A, then flew home.

Tony came over to the hangar to say I should have ignored the guy on his damn 6 mile straight in final at 70kt and forced him to join the pattern properly :o)

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