Monday, June 26, 2023

June 25th

I went over to Cameron Park to help Chris with the autopilot installation.  We started out by helping a couple flying a Stearman from San Diego to Reno who'd stopped in for gas, but needed oil - and not the kind we use.  We managed to find enough 20-50 with Don and got them on their way.

We met Tim at the hangar and started working on the RV.  Shane showed up and pitched in, and when we got to a reasonable point we went and had lunch.

It was Julie Clark's 75th birthday, so we watched the 8 ship flyby and the chaos that caused with 3 planes who'd wanted to take off.

An RV-7 came in and landed once they were done,.  He'd been at Byron (which has the same radio frequency) and heard the chatter and came down to see what was going on.  Alexander's a tech counsellor and was doing the phase I flyoff on the RV.  He came and pointed out some things on the stuff we were doing with the auto-pilot.

Don came by and we chatted about the American Ranger he'd been aiming to pick up from its engine work - I'd been hoping to fly in it at some point, but sadly it has a bunch of wiring issues.  It sounds like the guy's bought a pile of problems :o(

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