Wednesday, September 20, 2023

September 16th

I went to the airport early and flew up to Auburn to met Chris for breakfast - Vic drove up and met us there.  She'd got there early and was in Target when I flew past, reminding her to get to the airport :o)

After breakfast, I flew home and just wasted the rest of the day.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

September 13th

Sue and Bob headed off to San Jose in the morning, hoping to get out and about and go to Alcatraz before they fly home at the weekend.

In the evening, the interweb went down.  Boo.  It looked like the modem had taken a dump, so I grabbed the old one and tried that, but it didn't light up either.  I checked the power brick and that was putting out 0v.  I dug through all my crap and found another 12v power brick that I wasn't using, but it used a different plug, so I cut the plug off the broken power brick and soldered it onto the working one, and tada, interweb.

September 12th

Sue and Bob were here visiting Tilly, and it seems that they'd wanted to go through Yosemite but the gates had been closed when they passed.

Sue's been to Yosemite before, so I asked Chris if he'd be up for flying Bob over the valley and he agreed to do so.

They got back not long before I finished work, so we went to dinner again.

September 11th

Sue and Bob showed up on their way from Dallas to San Francisco to see Tilly.  After we got off work, we let Tilly go back to bed and went out to dinner.

Monday, September 11, 2023

September 10th

I printed off a couple of parts for Shane, then went to meet him at the airport.  We flew to Oroville to meet Chris and PJ for lunch - funnily enough we were running early (because I wanted to do my Camp Far West Lake flyby) and so was Chris, so they got there just before we did.

As usual, we disappeared around Beale because there aren't any UAT listener posts out there.

We met Paul (who Chris interviewed for one of his YouTub videos) and his wife Eileen at Oroville, and I gave them some controller mounting boxes I'd printed for them :o)

After lunch we flew back - it was a little bumpier.

Back at the airport, I replaced the grip and the push to talk switch on the plane - believe it or not, I don't think I have anything on the squawk list until the 500 hour service in a few weeks :o)

Sunday, September 10, 2023

September 9th

I'd intended to go to the Columbia fly-in with the guys, but Tilly had a bad night, waking us up and keeping us awake several times, so I decided that ~3 hours' flying might not be such a great idea.

Still, I went to the airport and had breakfast at the EAA hangar, then went and pulled the plane apart to move the Garmin GDL39 ADS-B receiver.  I found that the line was juuuust about long enough to put it where I wanted, but that the GPS for the ADS-B transponder was in the way.  That had much more wire on it, so I pulled that out, installed the GDL39, then installed the GPS receiver.  At first glance everything seems fine.  I had wanted to replace the grip on my throttle unit, but that means rewiring and I'd forgotten my forceps to hold things, so I called it a day there and put everything back together and went home.

I met Shane at the house (rather than have him drive all the way out to the airport) and we tinkered around with the 3D print stuff for his helmet.  I like to think we're making progress, and we played with Fusion 360, a more complex 3D modelling software than I've been playing with (TinkerCAD.)

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

September 5th

I sat and thought about the bracket I printed yesterday and decided it should be at 90 degrees to how I've printed it.  So I redesigned it, thinner, and more like I think it needs to be.  This is a little annoying, as it's not my favoured solution (moving the receiver to a different place) but I don't want to open everything up and find I can't move it, then have to put it back together as it is now so I can work out a bracket.  Still, all ready now - I just need the time and energy to go out and install it.