Friday, August 19, 2022

August 18th

I attended a webinar on airplane safety in the Bay Area.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

August 17th

After work I attended a couple of web presentations - one about flying at untowered airports (like Lincoln) and one about radio work.  I'll be honest, both were pretty meh.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

August 14th

I went to the airport early to do a little work on the plane, then when Randy showed up, we flew up to Auburn to meet Chris and PJ for brunch.

August 13th

We went and met Jen and her new boyfriend for lunch.  He seems like a nice enough guy, I wonder if we'll be allowed to see him again :o)

Saturday, August 13, 2022

August 12th

It's Tilly's 15th birthday.  She got as many carrots as she wanted throughout the day, then in the evening, we gave her her favourite things - a peanut butter cookie with whipped cream, carrots and her glucosamine chews all at once.  Very little was spilled on the carpet.

Friday, August 12, 2022

August 11th

The interweb at the house went down, meaning I was stuck using my cellphone as a hotspot.  Luckily Vic was in the office, or she'd have probably had to go to the office.

Comcast said it would be up at 14:15, i.e. in about an hour.

Then they said 19:25, which seemed weirdly specific to me.

They they said 21:00.  It seemed to be starting to come up at 20:55, and at 21:03, it was available.

They said everything was fine just after midnight.

At least I got a bunch of emails from stuff I post information to (Flightaware, Weather Underground...) to say I'd stopped doing that :o)

August 10th

I played around with the video from Monday night, and did one of me landing back at Lincoln.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

August 9th

I put together a video of flying with Randy:

I was playing with some stuff of landing at Lincoln, but it's been hard going so I gave up for the moment.  Maybe when I have a bit more time...

August 8th

Friday was a company-wide holiday, but Support need to Support, so I got today off instead.

I took the car in to the dealer for an error that showed up in their monthly report - I'd had them run the diagnostics, and it said to take it to the dealer within 7 days.  So I took it to the dealer.  I pointed out the code, and the latch on the charging socket, and they said they don't have a permanent fix for it, so we agreed that I'll just continue to disconnect the 12v battery for a few seconds when necessary.

I met Randy for lunch, and went home and took a nap afterwards, I'd been awake sine 04:00 :o(

After my nap, I fed Tilly, then Randy picked me up and we went to the airport for a late flight - the sun had gone down just before we landed :o)

Sunday, August 7, 2022

August 7th

I flew to Oroville to meet Chris and talk to Merle, and old-timer who's had various VW engined aircraft.  I got there on time, Chris was late, so Merle and I talked about his 1/2 VW Legal Eagle, and the Rotax 447 powered Airbike.

Chris showed up, and we talked about VW engines, mostly because he's kind of thinking about a Teenie Two that Bruce is trying to sell for the EAA.  I'm not convinced that it's that great a deal, as the engine's leaking oil and has a low compression cylinder.

Anyway, Steve showed up from Petaluma in his MTO Sport and I pointed him to the golf course parking, then Kim showed up from Columbia in his Europa and we taxied over and parked up, then went and got lunch.

I had thought about flying through Beale airspace and shooting a video of the ramp, but Chris flew through on the way there and there were just the tankers - no U2s or Global Hawks, so I didn't bother.

At Lincoln, I met Shane and we waited for Neil to arrive - he flew down from Auburn in his Magni M-16+ - it's our gyro, just with a 915 engine.  He seems nice enough, now we just need to assimilate him :o) 

August 6th

I went and met a bunch of guys at the airport for the EAA 1st Saturday breakfast.  We had planned to go to lunch at Sutter, as they do a great lunch, but due to a poor turnout recently, they've decided to only do lunch quarterly.  Still we went over just to support the display day.

Chris and PJ flew in Chris' RV-6A, Shane and Liza flew in their gyro and I flew my gyro.  There was pretty much nobody there, so we took the long way home.

Randy was at Lincoln when we got back there, so we picked him up and went to lunch.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

August 1st

Here are the stats...

Power billed
Power generated

Monday, August 1, 2022

July 31st

I went out to the airport and took the plane out for a couple of video things I wanted to shoot.  I did an orbit over Randy's, but nobody came out and waved at me.  Vic and Tilly waved at me at home, so I did another orbit there, and then I did an orbit for spacing from somebody doing a low pass at Lincoln - I'm used to people doing that in T-6s and the like, not in a bloody 172.

When I got back, I had a long chat with with Ernie about his newly built RV-14 while the oil drained out for its second oil change.

Chris rang, to see what I was doing, so we agreed to meet up at Wings for lunch.  Just after I pushed the plane out of the hangar again, it started to rain, so I pushed it back in and closed the hangar, so it stopped.  Still, I drove up instead.  There were a couple of short showers, but I figure I don't need to fly in the rain, so why would I?

When I got home, I threw together a couple of videos...

A fly past of the Roseville Train Yard

The area burnt in yesterday's fire at Lincoln Airport.