Tuesday, October 4, 2022

October 2nd

We got up and joined the family for breakfast, then left them heading South and headed back North and home.  Charging the car was free again in Gilroy, and while I pottered about with Tilly (she was fine) at home, Vic fast charged the car for free at the mall.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

October 1st

A new month, so here are the stats...

Power billed

Power generated

Our plan had been to have Tilly stay with our next door neighbours, and we dropped her off early so we'd be about if there were issues.  There were issues - she wouldn't settle down and stop whining, so it was decided that she'd stay at home, and they'd check in on her.  She's used to spending 22 hours a day asleep around our house, so we left her to it.

We drove down to Pacific Grove to meet Russ and Deepah, and hand over the parents.  The high point of the drive was stopping at Gilroy to charge and find that it looks like Electrify America's free this weekend.

When Russ and Deeps arrived (in their Tesla) we walked up the road to dinner, and a good time was had by all.

September 30th

Dad and I moved the old fridge into the garage.  We had to take the doors off to get it through the front door, then put them back on once it was out there.

Dad and I went to the airport so we could do the Bear Creek flight.  Oh, and give way to a Gulfstream coming in to Lincoln :o)

Friday, September 30, 2022

September 29th

We stayed home to get the new fridge delivered.  And pull all the protective tape off it.  Funnily enough, a neighbour just over the road also had a fridge delivered :o)

The high point of my day was Tilly going to the empty space where the old fridge had been to ask for a carrot.  I walked over to the old fridge and got one, then magicked it out of thin air for her.

September 28th

We went to the airport so I could do a test flight post big maintenance...

(I love how ADS-B interpolates a few data points - my flight looked not really like this)

And take Mum up for a flight - we flew up to the Bear Creek canyon and, it would seem, disappeared.

We reappeared when I got above ~1000'...

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

September 27th

Dad and I went to the airport via Autozone, where we picked up a box of M6 grease nipples.  That sorted the rotor block out, so we changed the oil and the plane's 200 hour service is complete.

At home, I did all the paperwork, and even had time to put together a video from our arrival at Cameron Park for the Props, Cops & Rodders show on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

September 26th

Dad and I went to the airport and started the big service on the plane.  Things were cleaned, oiled, greased, tightened and replaced.  Oh, and one thing was broken.  It's not all finished yet, but it's mostly done.

September 25th

We went to the renaissance faire in Folsom, where we met Shane, Liza and Sara and arranged to go to dinner in the evening.

September 24th

Dad and I got up early and headed to pick Randy up to drive to the airport and fly to Cameron Park for the Props, Cops and Rodders show.

It was cold on the ground, so we wrapped up warm only to find an inversion layer at around 300', where it was warmer.  It got cold again on finals into Cameron Park.

We parked with Chris and Chris and Ray outside PJ's house, and alternated between looking at the cars etc at the show and sitting in PJ's driveway talking.  Vic and Mum drove over and joined us.

When we'd watched the flybys and got hot and tired, we headed back to Lincoln.

When we got back to Lincoln, Randy had managed to get a puncture and roll the tyre off the rim on his gyro.  We put air in the tyre, pulled it into the hangar and put a new innertube in before heading home.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

September 23rd

I'm trying to get the hours on the plane to 1400 in time to do a major service early next week, so I flew Mum to Auburn to meet Dad and Vic (who drove up.)

After lunch, I flew Dad back to Lincoln while Mum and Vic drove to the aquarium store to talk about rehoming a bunch of fish born in Vic's tank.

Friday, September 23, 2022

September 22nd

I drove Mum and Dad to Vacaville so Dad could buy half his body weight in Jelly Belly Jelly Flops.

September 21st

I took the day off, and after pottering around the house all day, went and picked Mum and Dad up from the airport.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

September 19th

It threw it down with rain, so we went to the airport and replaced the radio push to talk switch.

Monday, September 19, 2022

September 18th

The weather was crappy - it even rained! - so I pretty much did nothing all day.  It was everything I dreamed it could be.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

September 17th

I left the house early and met Shane at the airport.  We flew over to Cameron Park.  I'd said to Shane about taking the camera, and we both agreed it wasn't worth the hassle.  So obviously there was a house on fire in Lincoln that we flew past.

At Cameron Park we looked at one of Chris' wheels that had been juddering - we jacked the plane up and span the wheel, noticing that the tyre wasn't even close to round.  Luckily Chris had a spare, so we installed that and went to lunch with PJ.

After lunch, we flew back to Lincoln.  It was bumpy, as the weather's changing right now - there's talk of rain in the next few days.

Shane's plane was due for its 25 hour service, which is just a bunch of torque settings to check.  As we were finishing that, Chris arrived.  His wheel was better, but not fixed completely, so there are some axle bolts he wants to look at when he gets home.

Monday, September 12, 2022

September 11th

I met Shane, PJ and Randy at the airport, where Shane tested his EGT probes and started calibrating his air speed indicator, I did a couple of circuits while I waited for him to get back and Randy took PJ out to Camp Far West Lake and back before we went and got lunch.

(I always love how ADS-B guesses when it doesn't have much data to work from)

September 10th

There's been a fair amount of smoke from the Mosquito fire up by Foresthill, so a lot of flying stuff in the area's been cancelled.  Boo.  So, Vic and I went and met Shane and Liza for breakfast, then Shane and I went to the airport to change his remaining bad exhaust gas temperature probe.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

September 5th

Today was Labo(u)r Day, when Americans celebrate the successes of the union movement by going shopping.

We met Randy at the airport and went for a little flight over Camp Far West Lake Reservoir.  On the way back, there was a long train, so we followed that for a short while too.

After the brief flight, I had to go home and tidy up some stuff for work.

At home we stayed inside to hide from the (112F) heat, so I threw together a short video of the train.

Monday, September 5, 2022

September 4th

I met Randy at the airport, and we flew up to Auburn to meet Shane, Liza and Sara for brunch.

It was chuffing hot, so we didn't do anything exciting on the way home.  The orbit was when I told Randy that the wind coming from 270 meant runway 33 was the best choice, so I did an orbit so we weren't too close together in the pattern :o)

Sunday, September 4, 2022

September 3rd

I met Randy at the airport early, and we flew to Placerville for their pancake breakfast.

It was a little chilly, and we were going to be climbing to ~3500', so I put my jacket on, but as we got to ~900' it warmed up a fair amount.

We left there early, as we both had to meet people at Lincoln around 10:00.

I made Randy chuckle when I called a 2 mile approach, just passing the log pile and an incoming Cessna called to say he was over the log pile.  I pointed out to him that I could see him, and he was actually about 2 miles South of the log pile, and he then agreed with me.

I met Jarron's brother, and showed him Jarron's Air Command - Randy met a powered parachute friend and took him for a flight.

I put together a little video from the flight out to Placerville...

Thursday, September 1, 2022

September 1st

It's a new month, so here are the stats:

Power billed
Power generated

Monday, August 29, 2022

August 28th

I picked Randy up and we headed to the airport to fly to Oroville, to meet Chris, PJ and Tiffany for lunch.

We hadn't expected Tiffany to be there, as PJ had been helping her drop her plane at Sacramento Executive, and she decided to join us for lunch.

August 27th

I got up early and flew over to Cameron Park to help Chris change the oil on his RV-6A.

We talked about doing a YouTub video of it, so spent more time screwing around with setting up the cameras and everything than we did draining the oil.  Randy came over and met us, then we went to the deli across the road to meet PJ for lunch.

After lunch, we finished the oil change by adding oil and safety wiring stuff, then changed out the silicone baffling under the cowl (as the cowl was already off.)  After buttoning everything back up (the thing Chris really needed the help with - the lower cowl is a PITA to deal with) Randy and I flew back to Lincoln together while Chris blasted ahead of us and opened the hangar up.

Chris thinks his engine temperatures are around 20F lower with the new baffles, but I suggested that this could just be "I can run faster in my new sneakers" :o)

In the evening we watched "Jurassic World Dominion."

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

August 23rd

I met Ken at the airport, and got my biennial flight review out of the way.  We were just finishing up when Randy got there, and we went for a quick flight before it got dark.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

August 22nd

I put together a little video of the burn area by Lincoln from the other side of the plane, as Vic had been carrying the camera yesterday :o)

Monday, August 22, 2022

August 21st

We went and met Randy at the airport, then flew up to Auburn to meet Chris for breakfast.

We'd hoped to meet some other pilots, but short notice and so on meant this didn't work out as planned.  On the way home, we went and flew over Camp Far West Lake reservoir, and Randy went up to Oroville to pick figs in the parking area by the golf course (he came home with a bag full.)

Sunday, August 21, 2022

August 20th

I went and picked up Shane and Randy, then we headed to the airport to fly to Watts-Woodland for their display day.

There were more cars and aircraft there this month, and Chris and PJ flew in in PJ's Zenith.

After the display day, when it was getting hot, we decided to have lunch in Lincoln.  The gyros few out first, and got everything put away.  I dropped Shane and Randy at the restaurant then went back and waited for Chris and PJ to arrive, and then we had lunch.

I took all 5 of us (Randy reckons over 1000lbs of people, but I didn't want to ask...) back to the airport, then ran Shane and Randy home.

At Shane's, we talked about the electric car with Liza, and they're looking at getting a new car and want to understand all the options.  Liza drove the Bolt, as she's never even been it it so far :o)

In the evening, Vic and I went to a downtown concert thing in Roseville for a couple of hours.  Still hot, and I spent a little time watching a drone that was flying over the crowd.

Friday, August 19, 2022

August 18th

I attended a webinar on airplane safety in the Bay Area.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

August 17th

After work I attended a couple of web presentations - one about flying at untowered airports (like Lincoln) and one about radio work.  I'll be honest, both were pretty meh.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

August 14th

I went to the airport early to do a little work on the plane, then when Randy showed up, we flew up to Auburn to meet Chris and PJ for brunch.

August 13th

We went and met Jen and her new boyfriend for lunch.  He seems like a nice enough guy, I wonder if we'll be allowed to see him again :o)

Saturday, August 13, 2022

August 12th

It's Tilly's 15th birthday.  She got as many carrots as she wanted throughout the day, then in the evening, we gave her her favourite things - a peanut butter cookie with whipped cream, carrots and her glucosamine chews all at once.  Very little was spilled on the carpet.

Friday, August 12, 2022

August 11th

The interweb at the house went down, meaning I was stuck using my cellphone as a hotspot.  Luckily Vic was in the office, or she'd have probably had to go to the office.

Comcast said it would be up at 14:15, i.e. in about an hour.

Then they said 19:25, which seemed weirdly specific to me.

They they said 21:00.  It seemed to be starting to come up at 20:55, and at 21:03, it was available.

They said everything was fine just after midnight.

At least I got a bunch of emails from stuff I post information to (Flightaware, Weather Underground...) to say I'd stopped doing that :o)

August 10th

I played around with the video from Monday night, and did one of me landing back at Lincoln.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

August 9th

I put together a video of flying with Randy:

I was playing with some stuff of landing at Lincoln, but it's been hard going so I gave up for the moment.  Maybe when I have a bit more time...

August 8th

Friday was a company-wide holiday, but Support need to Support, so I got today off instead.

I took the car in to the dealer for an error that showed up in their monthly report - I'd had them run the diagnostics, and it said to take it to the dealer within 7 days.  So I took it to the dealer.  I pointed out the code, and the latch on the charging socket, and they said they don't have a permanent fix for it, so we agreed that I'll just continue to disconnect the 12v battery for a few seconds when necessary.

I met Randy for lunch, and went home and took a nap afterwards, I'd been awake sine 04:00 :o(

After my nap, I fed Tilly, then Randy picked me up and we went to the airport for a late flight - the sun had gone down just before we landed :o)

Sunday, August 7, 2022

August 7th

I flew to Oroville to meet Chris and talk to Merle, and old-timer who's had various VW engined aircraft.  I got there on time, Chris was late, so Merle and I talked about his 1/2 VW Legal Eagle, and the Rotax 447 powered Airbike.

Chris showed up, and we talked about VW engines, mostly because he's kind of thinking about a Teenie Two that Bruce is trying to sell for the EAA.  I'm not convinced that it's that great a deal, as the engine's leaking oil and has a low compression cylinder.

Anyway, Steve showed up from Petaluma in his MTO Sport and I pointed him to the golf course parking, then Kim showed up from Columbia in his Europa and we taxied over and parked up, then went and got lunch.

I had thought about flying through Beale airspace and shooting a video of the ramp, but Chris flew through on the way there and there were just the tankers - no U2s or Global Hawks, so I didn't bother.

At Lincoln, I met Shane and we waited for Neil to arrive - he flew down from Auburn in his Magni M-16+ - it's our gyro, just with a 915 engine.  He seems nice enough, now we just need to assimilate him :o) 

August 6th

I went and met a bunch of guys at the airport for the EAA 1st Saturday breakfast.  We had planned to go to lunch at Sutter, as they do a great lunch, but due to a poor turnout recently, they've decided to only do lunch quarterly.  Still we went over just to support the display day.

Chris and PJ flew in Chris' RV-6A, Shane and Liza flew in their gyro and I flew my gyro.  There was pretty much nobody there, so we took the long way home.

Randy was at Lincoln when we got back there, so we picked him up and went to lunch.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

August 1st

Here are the stats...

Power billed
Power generated

Monday, August 1, 2022

July 31st

I went out to the airport and took the plane out for a couple of video things I wanted to shoot.  I did an orbit over Randy's, but nobody came out and waved at me.  Vic and Tilly waved at me at home, so I did another orbit there, and then I did an orbit for spacing from somebody doing a low pass at Lincoln - I'm used to people doing that in T-6s and the like, not in a bloody 172.

When I got back, I had a long chat with with Ernie about his newly built RV-14 while the oil drained out for its second oil change.

Chris rang, to see what I was doing, so we agreed to meet up at Wings for lunch.  Just after I pushed the plane out of the hangar again, it started to rain, so I pushed it back in and closed the hangar, so it stopped.  Still, I drove up instead.  There were a couple of short showers, but I figure I don't need to fly in the rain, so why would I?

When I got home, I threw together a couple of videos...

A fly past of the Roseville Train Yard

The area burnt in yesterday's fire at Lincoln Airport.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

July 30th

I went to the airport to meet Shane, only to watch a big pall of smoke in that direction most of the way there.  There was a grass fire on the other side of the runway, so we watched Cal Fire's trucks show up and beat that down while dumbasses carried on flying circuits, through the smoke at the 15 end of the runway.  Sheesh.  Eventually somebody announced the airport closed, and we collected Shane's windscreens and headed to Home Depot to buy an 8'x4' sheet of Lexan (tm).

When we got home, we left the van in the driveway and went and got lunch, then came back and argued about the best way to deal with cutting new windscreens out.  Eventually we cut the sheet in half (because you can get both screens out of a 4'x4' sheet) and decided to get the nerds at Shane's work to do it with one of their fancy cutting machines.  Only it was a nightmare getting even a 4'x4' sheet into Shane's car, so we loaded the now 2 sheets into the van and dropped them off at Shane's ready to be worked on.

We took a walk around the campus as I've never been there, then I dropped him home and went home myself.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

July 24th

I went and picked Shane up, as he was vehicularly deficient, then picked Vic up and we went to the airport to fly up to Auburn to meet PJ for brunch.  It was a bit smoky due to the Yosemite fire :o(

After lunch, Shane flew straight back to Lincoln, and Vic and I did our monthly lake fly past... it's starting to go down.

Shane and I changed his windscreen, then we headed out.  We dropped Vic at home, then I ran Shane home, getting back with ~20 miles of range left.

July 23rd

We charged the car to 100% and drove down to Manteca to have Dave's kids cook us pizza in their new oven.  Got home with >100 miles remaining :o)

Monday, July 18, 2022

July 18th

I took the day off so I could go to the dentist.

After the usual tooth scraping, I went to the airport and tinkered with the plane for a while - mostly doing smaller things I haven't had time to get around to.

July 17th

It was going to be a hot day, so we went and met the family Shane and Randy for breakfast at a place Shane and Liza have been going to once a week for years.

Afterwards, we just pottered around the house doing nothing, but I went and met Randy and Shane at Lincoln so we could go for an evening flight - there's still a guy with a Magni based at Auburn we haven't met yet, so we thought he might be flying and we could see him.

We wandered around the dead airport, just chatting, when a couple of guys with a Cessna (I think) 206 at the fuel island called out to us.  They were almost out of fuel, and the credit card reader was down so they couldn't get any more to get back to Reno.  I pointed out Lincoln should have gas, and was only 13 miles away.  We came up with a plan - I'd fly back to Lincoln, and call them and say whether they could get gas there.  If not, we'd call PJ and see if Cameron Park had gas - that's about 14 miles away.  In the meantime, Shane and Randy found a guy with gas in his plane who'd drain some out so they could comfortable get to Lincoln legally (they had about 10 gallons, but in a plane that burns 18 gallons an hour, they'd be landing with less than 30 minutes.)

So, I flew back to Lincoln, taxied over to the pump and watched another plane from Auburn start pumping gas, then called back up to Auburn to say "all good, come on down."

Randy and Shane had left shortly after I did, so we put the planes away and did our paperwork while waiting for the 206 to arrive, then drove over to the fuel island with water and juice boxes and chatted to the guys as they filled up.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

July 16th

I met Shane at the airport, where we flew to Watts-Woodland for their display day.  It's the first time we've been to a display day there, and it was a lot quieter than Colusa, so Shane had a better time than he did on that trip.  The dog-leg as we approach Woodland is me flying around a crop duster :o)

We chatted to various people about various things, and saw various aircraft we've seen in various other places :o)  I did get to meet Bob, Jarron's gyroplane mentor from the Nut Tree, and we're going to talk about what to do with his aircraft.

On the way home, as we were under the Sacramento International Class C step, Chris passed us in his RV-6A, and I shot a short video of it.

I also listened to NorCal approach talking to SouthWest jets about us - we were at ~1000', and were allowed to be up to 1600' so everything was fine.  The first jet went above us at ~2000', and the second jet saw us (we were East of him by then) and said we looked like "a couple of helos" :o)

At home I threw together a video of my landing at Watts-Woodland.

Monday, July 11, 2022

July 10th

I went to the airport, where Shane and I fiddled with EGT probes.  We now have 3 working as expected, and he'll order a replacement for the 4th one that we knew was borked.

Jeff, a Sonex pilot from Kansas who's been taking gyro lessons in Petaluma, joined us, and when Randy had finished cleaning his pre-rotator bendix, we flew up to Auburn for lunch - Jeff went with Shane.

We headed back after lunch, and sat around the hangar chatting until it got too hot to stay there.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

July 9th

We got up ridiculously early and met Shane and Liza at the airport, where we flew to Colusa for their Old Tyme fly-in.

After an uneventful flight there, we had a pretty eventful arrival (as usual.)  Kurt was on a long base leg, so I said we'd extend and come in behind him, then an orange Cub that didn't seem to be on the radio cut in on my on finals - I was number 2, and there were at least 2 people behind me.  I slowed down and let him land, but Shane had to go around as I was still on the runway when he got there :o(

The flight back went off uneventfully, and we ended up getting lunch before heading home.

At home, I tinkered around with a couple of videos...

Landing at Colusa

Steve's fly past