Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 25th

I got up early and went to the airfield and flew for an hour.  At home, I pottered around doing little things until the early evening, when I went back to the airfield and did some circuits waiting for Jack to arrive.  When he got there, I put the Flightstar away and went and looked at his ailerons.  We routed the Bowden cable up to the bell crank, and then started looking at the ailerons themselves, as they're very sticky.  We've ended up taking them off, and Jack'll clean up the signs of galling on the fittings and put them back together carefully.  Hopefully he can get this all finished up in the next few days so he can get an airworthiness certificate sorted out before his daughter's wedding at the beginning of August (that's the goal, anyway).

June 24th

Jack and Co came over and took down the other tree in the front garden.  It's a lot brighter in the office now :o)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20th

After work I went over to the airport and took the Flightstar up for a tootle around.  I headed South for a change, and took a look at the work going on at the HP site and the new driving range that they're putting in.  It was a bit bumpy, so I was tending to stay above ~1400'.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 19th

I went over to Vince's with the rock rails for the van, and we (well, he) cut the pins off and relocated them.  We (well, he) ended up moving both pins so they're at different angles so the rails'll fit better.  I went home and threw bed liner over them, as it's hard wearing and easy to put on.  I left those in the garage for a couple of hours, then installed them.  It was still a little more fraught than I'd like, but they went on, and the ladder fit without any complaints :o)

June 18th

I had intended on going flying, but the wind was gusty all day, only to drop to zero just as it got dark.  Oh well.

June 17th

Jack and his guys came over and dropped one of the two trees in the front garden.  He's dragged off 6800lbs of tree, and there's still some on the garden :o)

June 15th

I went to the airport for a quick board meeting (the secretary has resigned), and then the EAA membership meeting, and ended up cooking again.  No worries - the talk was on vinyl wrapping, and we managed to get everything tidied away in time to watch the meeting.

June 13th

The rock rails for the van don't look like they'll fit at all.  They're both the same size, and they're both about 1/8" too short.  I've been talking to Alvis, and neither of us knows what's going on here - he builds them on a jig, so they should just slot on.

June 12th

I took a look at the rock rails from Alvis, and threw some paint over the scuffs.  It doesn't look like they'll fit without a struggle though, so I'm waiting to be feeling strong before I start work on them.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 11th

I got up at stupid o'clock and went to the airfield to set up the breakfast area, then cooked over 400 eggs and over 200 pancakes.  We ran out of eggs and sausages at the end, but we reckon we served over 250 breakfasts.

I went home and got ready to go to the Fieldhaven Cats, Classics and Cabernet fund raiser with Vic and Gwen.

June 10th

I was expecting to be at the airport straight from work to help set up for the airfest tomorrow, but it seems that everything's just chaos there.  I ended up going over anyway and just doing circuits for an hour.  The wind wasn't terrible, and it had cooled down a bit, so it was quite pleasant.  Once I'd put my plane away, I went and helped get others tied down as there was some big-assed helicopter due in.

June 6th

I took the mountain bike out for a lunchtime ride for the first time in a few weeks (weather, busy, didn't feel like it).  Several of the little wooden bridges over creeks are gone, so I think I'll end up reorganising my ride, as I'd liek to minimise the number of times I have to get off and carry the thing.

Some stuff I'd ordered for the van showed up, but looked like it had spent the whole trip being dragged behind the UPS truck.  Still, I'll see what I can do with it at the weekend - I figure a little paint's a lot less hassle than trying to sort it out with UPS.  Alvis, the seller, is sending me some new end caps, and he was pretty pissed off about the whole thing.

Monday, June 6, 2016

June 5th

I spent most of the day either working or playing Warcraft, then went over to the airfield and took the Flightstar out for a couple of circuits and to test out an anti-jello mount on the video camera.  It made no difference, but in other news, it looks like I need a new CHT probe, as one was reading all over the bloody place from time to time.

June 4th

I went over to the airfield to cook pancakes and eggs at the EAA hangar.

I helped Rich move his plane into the middle of the (full) hangar, so Everton and I (the only two who fly) can get out without moving anybody else's plane.

Vince is trying to convince me to upgrade to something faster with a 912, so I threw the Flightstar on Barnstormers just to see if there's any interest.  Obviously I've had a clown who wants to pay me 2/3 of what I'm asking already.  I suggested he get a Quicksilver :o)

I'd aimed to go back to the airfield and fly later in the day, but got stuck working as I was on call :o(

Friday, June 3, 2016

June 1st

It's June already, so here are the power stats:

Power billed
Power generated
I went to the EAA board meeting, where things and stuff were discussed, but it was so hot I don't remember what I've agreed to do this time :o)

May 30th

Today was Memorial Day, when Americans remember their war dead by going shopping.
I got up early and went to the airport.  It was pretty miserably bumpy, so I didn't stay long.
We had Sandra, Cindy, Mig and Steve over for a barbecue, so they could play with Tilly.