Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 26th

It was a cold and rainy day, so we stayed in and played Warcraft.  I was expecting the new TV to be delivered on Monday, and it's coming via UPS, so it's unlikely that it was going to be early.  Well, just to prove me wrong, it showed up today, so I spent some time getting it installed and setting it to "cinema" mode (as I just haven't got around to calibrating it yet).  In the evening, we watched the last Game of Thrones season 6 DVD, and were very impressed with the picture.  I'll try a Blu-ray next :o)

Vic's been complaining about the speed of her PC, and the performance monitors make it look like the problem is the hard drive, so I ordered an SSD to put in there.  Well, that also arrived, so I left it copying data from the old spinny disc and went to bed.

November 25th

I played Warcraft while it warmed up a bit, then went to the airfield and pushed a piece of wire up the hose I'm using for the static pressure port for the airspeed indicator.  I ended up having to trim a bit  off the end, as there's a bolt through the strut that I couldn't get it to wiggle past, but several circuits later, it seems to be reading pretty correct (at least, it's higher than GPS ground speed on the upwind leg, and lower on the downwind leg).  Maybe later in the weekend (if the weather improves) I'll get out and check it for accuracy properly.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

November 24th

Today was Thanksgiving, so we didn't have to go to work.  I played Warcraft for a long time in the morning, as Tilly doesn't know the difference between work and Warcraft, and I figured she'd dug me out of bed (so she could lie in the warm bit) because she was worried I was going to be late.

We went out and paid somebody to make us lunch, then I went over to the airfield to take the plane out.  I've been thinking that the airspeed indicator is over reading, and I reckon it's a static pressure thing.  I tried a short line, but that was terrible, so I put the longer line up one of the wing struts.  It seemed to be pretty much perfect for a while, then I get the feeling that it's over reading again, so I think it's shifted.  I'm thinking I'll try putting a stiff wire up the middle of it next, but I think I'm making progress.  If it was under reading a bit, I don't think I'd care nearly as much.  Anyway, it was cold, so the plane flew great with just me in it, and I only saw 2 other aircraft moving the whole time I was there.

November 20th

Another cold and wet day, but it brightened up in the afternoon.  It's a shame it gets dark so early, or I'd have managed to go flying or something.

November 19th

It was cold and wet, so I spent the day playing Warcraft.

November 18th

Now it's started getting colder, I've noticed that there's a problem with the eating - it'll run for about 10 minutes, then shut off.  The only way to get it to start again (that impatient me has found) is to go and flip the breaker - it'll start right up then.  So, while it wasn't too cold in the evening, I got up in the roof and checked the error code that the furnace is throwing:

Code 33: LIMIT OR FLAME ROLL-OUT SWITCH IS OPEN - If open longer than three minutes, code
changes to #13. Check for:
- Defective blower motor or start capacitor. - Dirty filter or restricted duct system.
- Loose blower wheel. - Defective switch or connections.
- Inadequate Combustion air supply Flame Roll-out Switch or fuse link.
- Open Flame Roll-out switch,or fuse link. Manual reset or replace.

Mean anything?  Nope, it didn't to me either.  So, I cleaned the flame sensor (even though it wasn't really dirty), then when I was testing it, I noticed that the filter was all bent out of shape.  That gets changed when the Nest controller says it's done enough hours, so I think it was a bad filter, and it's clogged up.  Changed that, and went on with the evening.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 16th

We went to the EAA membership meeting - the last of the year (as the December meeting is the Xmas party).  I got to cook burgers, which meant I stayed warm longer :o)

Monday, November 14, 2016

November 13th

Having bought supplies, I tidied up the hot tub, then started filling and dosing it.  I put it all back together, and it took roughly all bloody day to heat up, but we did get to sit in it in the evening.  Egads, that thing uses a lot of power.

Light blue - solar generation
Dark blue - aggregate
Green - power usage

Orange - solar voltage
Red - voltage used

November 12th

I played Warcraft until it warmed up a little, then went out and changed the fuel lines on the Vanagon.  That all went swimmingly, so I went over to the airfield (filling the van up on the way) and took the Flightstar out for a bit.  Having taken off on 15 (as that's the runway people were using) I went over to the river to see if the trees are changing colour yet (they aren't), then tootled back.  As I'd only been up for around 45 minutes, I decided to shoot some circuits.  I landed on 33 (as that's the run way people were using), then took off again on 33.  At this point the guys who'd been using 33 were gone, so everybody wanted to use 15, so I landed on 15.  I ended up doing an hour of circuits :o)  There were a bunch of PPCs out for a flyin that I didn't know anything about, and apparently they had ~50 aircraft all told.

November 9th

Oh dear.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 7th

John's in town for a few days, so we went out to dinner.  It was good to see him, even though he's trying to convince me to buy another motorcycle (or two).

November 6th

I was too tired to go and fly, as it's cold and cloudy, so I stayed in and played Warcraft, and got a few small things done around the house.

November 5th

I got up early and headed to the airfield to cook pancake breakfasts for people.  It was pretty cold, so there weren't that many people, but there were a lot of them who sat and watched the whole of "Flying the Feathered Edge" in memory of Bob Hoover.

Vic came, and brought Joey, so we spent some time pottering around showing him things and introducing him to people.

It had been pointed out to me at the airfield that the van's leaking gas (it wasn't when I left home, or I would have smelled it), so when I got home (after letting it cool down) I took a look at that.  With the TiiCo engine, there are 2 fuel hoses in the engine compartment (compared to about 10 with the waterboxer engine), so I removed the leaking one, and figured I'd get enough hose to do both of them.  We went to the local auto parts store, where they tried to give me "fuel injector" hose that's rated at 50psi.  I ended up ordering hose from Van Cafe that's rated at over 200psi.

November 2nd

Dan's moving from San Francisco to Philadelphia, so I got up at stupid o'clock and rode in to the office to have a team lunch.  I managed to slope out early enough to get home and drop off my gear, feed Tilly and still make the EAA board meeting.  I don't remember what I agreed to :o)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1st

A new month, so here are the solar stats:
Power billed

Power generated