Thursday, August 31, 2017

August 30th

I rode over to the airport good and early, and took the plane out until it got too bumpy, then stopped and looked at Chris' PC on the way home - I left him installing Windows again.

After I'd been home for a while, I was going out on my bicycle ride, and decided to ride over to Stephan's and pick up the van.  So, 25 miles and 2 hours later, I got to sit in traffic on the way home.

We went out and rented "Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2", and I noticed something on the floor under the van - one of the new rear brake cylinders seems to be leaking.   Joy.

August 29th

I got up early and rode the DRZ over to the airfield to take the plane out.  On my first takeoff, the engine coughed a little, so I landed and took a look at it.  Everything looked fine, so I'm thinking it's because I didn't have the electric fuel pump running (the 582 can pull more fuel than the vacuum pump can supply).  I went back out, with the electric pump running, and everything was fine for several circuits, so I called that fixed.

When I got down, there were a bunch of guys over at Will's hangar, looking at his plywood spinner - there are a couple of cracks forming in it, so we all stood around making helpful suggestions on how to fix that.

I picked up some new jets for the carbs, and found that Chris was trying to clear a virus from his PC, so we played with that for a while, and I suggested just reinstalling Windows over the top of his current installation.

Monday, August 28, 2017

August 28th

I've taken the week off to kill some vacation time, and Vic was off today, so we took the van and dropped it off for a checkup - it's been over a year since Stephan's last looked it over.  They've announced that the bearing I changed is a little loose (it's had a thousand miles or so to bed in, so I'm not really surprised) and that one of the rear brake cylinders is starting to leak, so I said to hang on to it and fix those squawks (as I know I'll get around to it eventually, just not right now).

It was 109F, so I gave up on flying again - it's supposed to cool down a little tomorrow.

August 27th

I went out early and took the plane out - the exhaust gas temperature got quite hot on the climb out (thicker air, as it was cooler, so it was probably running a little lean), but not as hot as it has been before.  I pottered around for a while, then went home.

When we went out to get something to eat, we went over to the Tesla dealer to see if they have anything about the Model 3 - they don't, but they're expecting some in October.  The Model 3 is still longer than the van, so I don't see me getting one just yet, but it's always nice to see the latest hotness.

I had thought about going back in the evening, but it was 108F, and I just couldn't face dragging the doors open again, so we watched the Game of Thrones finale.

August 26th

I started the day at the airport cooking breakfast before Bruce's Foreflight presentation.  I went back in the evening and took the plane out for over an hour to finish up the test flight process for the new engine - then it was a pile of paperwork before going home.

August 25th

In the evening, we watched "Alien Covenant", and I'm not convinced that they haven't painted themselves into a corner there.

Friday, August 25, 2017

August 20th

After pottering around the house all day doing things and stuff, I went to the airport in the evening and took the plane out for a proper flight.  It's a bit quicker, and climbs nicely without too much drama - I was cruise climbing away from the river, and not paying attention to the vertical speed indicator.  I noticed at just over 1500', so I then had to lose height before heading back to the airport - a nice problem to have :o)  Not long now until I can fill the log book in and take passengers again :o)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

August 19th

I was having trouble getting back to sleep after the bloody rabbit started thumping, so I got up and put together the pre-registration stuff for the EAA Poker Run, and got that all set up and active on the website.  I've sent out a notification to the board, and 2 of them have already registered (so 4 hands in total).

We went to the airfield so Vic could try flying in the gyroplane, and while we were there, we pulled the jets out of the carbs and Ken drilled them out a tiny amount.  In the afternoon I went back, and that doesn't seem to have changed the EGTs at all, so I raised the needles one click, and that seems to have done the trick.  I'm still going to look at the larger main jets, but for now I can fly away from the airport :o)

Friday, August 18, 2017

August 16th

We went to the EAA membership meeting, where Bruce talked about Oshkosh.  Ken's on at me to go next year :o)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 14th

I got out on my bicycle, and I don't know if it's the cooler weather we're having just now, the wind being in the right direction or the new headset and chain, but it feels almost like a new bike :o)

In the evening I got out to the airport and fiddled with the plane a little - I made sure the carbs were upright and level, and swapped the EFT probes over.  I only did 2 circuits (the wind was beating the crap out of me), but the EGTs didn't get anywhere near as high as they were yesterday, but I'd still like them to be a bit lower.  We'll see if I decide to raise the needles.

Monday, August 14, 2017

August 13th

We went out to get supplies (supplies!) and picked up a beach ball for Tilly - she really likes playing with them, and this one lasted almost 3 minutes.

We then got ourselves sorted out and replaced the leaking sprinkler valves in the back garden.  You're supposed to go valve to threaded connector, glued on to the pipes coming out of the ground.  That was looking problematic due to how close to the ground the pipes are (because of the patio), so we cut the old sprinklers off, installed a threaded to pipe fitting to the threaded adapters coming out of the ground, and then a short piece of pipe before the next threaded adapter into the valve.  This means there's about 1/2" of pipe you can cut to remove the valve, and then you just unscrew the threaded adapter and replace that bit.  There's an extra adapter there, true, but the pipe doesn't get shorter every time you do something with the valve.

I had intended to go flying in the evening, but the wind was gusty (it's cooling down in the next few days), so I decided to try and get out in the week.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

August 12th

I started the day at the airport cooking breakfasts before a talk on online flight planning.

When I got home, we moved the fish tank into the front room, and I spent some time on the EAA web site.

It's Tilly's birthday, so she got a couple of her favourite cookies.

When the postie finally arrived, they brought the operating limitations for the Flightstar, so I went out to the airport, put (raw, no more premix) gas in the plane and took it out for the first flight.  It accelerates and climbs great - usually I'm at 600' (ultralight pattern height) by the end of the runway, but I was there about half way down the runway now, and the VSI showed 800-900' per minute, despite the almost 3,000' density altitude.  Great!  Not so great was the overly high EGT on one cylinder.  I did a couple of circuits and put it away - I'll look at swapping the sensors in case it's a sensor problem.

When I got home, the postie had been again and left the water tank for the fridge, so I got that installed and now we have water and ice in the fridge again.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 11th

I figured the best way to make sure I wouldn't get the operating limitations today would be to pick up the bicycle, so I could go to the airport this evening.  As a lunch, I went and picked up the bicycle, and it's all sorted out.  I didn't get the operating limitations today.

In the evening, I installed a new chain on the bicycle.  I've read stuff that says you should be changing it every 1,000 miles or so, and thought "whatever", but was surprised at how much the old chain has stretched compared to a new chain.  You have to break the new chain to the right length, so I now have a new tool.

Later on, I got the new router working - the stunted software on the Arris 6580 router / modem makes that a lot more difficult than it needs to be, so I've kept that covering the older 2.4GHz devices.  5Ghz devices are now running a lot faster  - I'm seeing over 100Mbs to the interwebs.

Friday, August 11, 2017

August 10th

I called around, looking for bearings for the bicycle, but due to the planned obsolescence, nobody has them.  One very helpful guy (Roseville Cyclery) suggested changing the whole headset, as that wouldn't be that much more expensive (the bearings alone listed for $48).  Sadly he didn't have a headset in stock, but Performance Bicycle did, and would install it cheaply enough (I don't have the bearing puller and other tools required).  I took the bicycle over after work, kind of hoping they could do it then (I can change _motorcycle_ head bearings in about 20 minutes), but I get to pick it up tomorrow, all sorted out.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 9th

I spoke to Dilly at the FAA, and he's working on my new operating limitations.  Hopefully he can get those out today, ans I might even get to fly with the new engine this weekend :o)

The steering on the mountain bike has been getting a little stiff, so I figured it's time to check the bearings.  I got them out without too much aggravation, and found what looks like a flake of paint in the bottom one.  They don't feel great, even after a cleaning, but I was trying to get everything back together, and even with Vic's help, it wasn't having it.  While taking it apart again, one of the sealed bearings came apart and dumped the balls all over the floor.  I've found most of them, but it looks like I'll have to get new bearings before I can go riding again :o(

August 8th

I pulled the fridge apart and found the leak was coming from the hose that leaked last time.  When I ploughed through a bunch of parts diagrams, I found that there's a water tank with hoses going in and out, and I ordered one (rather than splice a new hose to the current old, tired hose).

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 7th

When I went to get Tilly an ice-cube at bed time, I found that the fridge is leaking water again.  I pulled it out and turned the water off - I'll play with it some other time.

August 6th

I went to the airport and installed the battery cable, and tested the oil level warning light (works!), then buttoned everything up and made sure it all still works.

I spent some time working on stuff for the EAA, and then I updated the operating handbook for the plane.

August 5th

I got up early and headed to the airport to cook breakfast for the great unwashed.  After that was done, I went and worked on the battery for the plane - I got the mount installed, and cut the battery cables to length (I needed to take them home to crimp the ends on).  I also drilled a hole in the panel for the 2 stroke oil level warning light, but I can't test it without power.  While Ken was there, I got him to help me weigh the plane, and when I got home I figured that it's now a lot better, weight and balance wise.

August 4th

When I was on my bicycle ride, I came around a corner on the trail and found a horse had crapped all over the place.  "I don't want to hit that", I thought, and went around the outside, only to crash in all the tangled grass, sticks and holes over there.  I've scuffed my knee and elbow up a bit, but it's not too awful.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

August 2nd

I went over to Lincoln for the EAA board meeting.  Things were discussed.

August 1st

A new month, so here are the solar stats:
Power billed

Power generated

July 31st

I took the day off so I didn't lose it because I have too much holiday accrued.  I was mostly tinkering with stuff in the garage, but I got out on the mountain bike (it doesn't seem any easier to pedal) and got some EAA stuff done.