Thursday, September 16, 2021

September 15th

I went to the EAA membership Zoom meeting about Chris, Randy and Henry's Bay tour in April.

Monday, September 13, 2021

September 13th

Tilly had an exciting night.  As usual, she got me up so she could go out and pee some time around midnight, only to find a skunk in the garden.  She shouted at it, and it sprayed at her, but luckily she wasn't close enough that it hit her.  Still, the garden smelled of skunk all night and into the morning.

Something's been digging under the back fence and in the lawn, so maybe that's solved that mystery.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

September 12th

I started the day at the airport, changing the air filter on the plane - I've bought a spare :o).  I was meeting Chris at Auburn, but wanted to fly over Vic and Laura at the famer's market in Roseville first, so I headed out early.  Having done my flypast, I thought  I'd go and find Chris leaving Cameron Park, but as I got close to a very smoky Folsom Lake, I could see a Chinook pulling water out of the lake and dumping it on the peninsula that runs towards the dam, and a UH-1 flying above it.  I decided to bail out and leave them to it, so I headed to Auburn then, getting there about 5 minutes before Vic, and 20 minutes or so before Chris :o)

When we were done at Wings, I flew roughly towards Jimmy's house as he's been on about a fly-past, then headed back to Lincoln.  There was a guy ahead of me heading in who turned away because it was "too busy"... the two of us heading in, one guy doing circuits and two guys leaving.  That's not even close to busy at Lincoln at the weekend :o)

I cleaned my old air filter and left it to dry thoroughly, then went home and did some updates to the EAA web site.

I also threw together some footage of Folsom Lake going dry...

September 11th

I found that the Elk Grove Zero dealer has an FXE in stock, and a used 7.2 integrated FXS, oh, and an FX, but I'm not really that interested in that.  So, we drove down there - the FXS is nice, but the used one had been dropped and tweaked the plastics, which was a shame.  Not really a fan of the FXE compared to the FXS, but it does look to have a nicer dashboard.

Oh, they're an Indian dealer, too, and had an FTR Rally which looked interesting, but isn't what I'm thinking about at the moment.

On the way home, we stopped in at the aquarium place for Vic, then headed home via lunch.

I went out to the airport and just pottered around locally - I saw the jets at the local radio control field, and the low, low Camp Far West Lake Reservoir.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

September 10th

Luckily it rained a little overnight... not enough to put out the fires or anything, but enough to cool the house a little.

I managed to find somebody to come out and look at the air conditioner, and of course everything looked fine and worked as it should.

Our current thinking is that the seals in the 25 year old compressor could be coming apart and jamming stuff internally.  The compressor's going to cost more than the system's worth to replace (not helped by using the obsolete R-22 refrigerant) and I can't do it myself - there are a lot of rules about that.  I'm going to start looking at getting a new unit installed, as this one's had as much work as I can do to it, and it's obviously past its prime.

September 9th

This morning, I realised that the air conditioner was just recirculating air, rather than cooling it.

In fact, the temperature never went down after running the house fan first thing in the morning. 

It was also using less power than usual... usually it's ~4.5Kw just for the AC when it's running.

Something's afoot.  I checked everything I could, and it seemed to be working, so I could only assume it's something I couldn't check, like the compressor, or the refrigerant.

Monday, September 6, 2021

September 6th

It was Labo(u)r Day, when Americans remember the advances brought about by the unions by going shopping.

Tilly's leg is obviously feeling much better today.  After feeding her, I started the day proper at the airport, flying a friend of Vic's in the gyro over Folsom Puddle.

When I saw Chris heading to meet us at Lincoln, we followed him back.  Jarron landed right behind us, and was followed by the CHP's air unit, as he busted the TFR for the Bridge fire up in Auburn :o(

Once we were all ready, Chris, Randy and I flew up to Oroville for lunch - as usual we were too low to show up most of the way, but Chris (who uses 1090 rather than UAT) showed up.

After lunch, we flew back, talking to ATC to go straight over Beale Air Force Base.  I'd hoped to get footage on the GoPro, but after the Folsom flight, the battery died well before we got to the "flying along the taxiway" bit :o(  Hopefully Chris got some footage on his GoPro.

When I got home, Vic was out, and Tilly was sleeping.  I woke Tilly up, and we went to find Vic in the park by the school, playing with her hang glider.  After several runs, we put it away and pulled it home on her gardening cart.

September 5th

We started the day by taking Tilly to the dog park.  She trotted around, laid in the paddly pool, then twisted her wrist when her sudden stop caused a husky type thing to jump over her.  We took her home at that point.

I went and met Chris for brunch, where he "forgot" his wallet :o)

After brunch, I headed over to the hangar and cleaned the rotors on the plane, then took it out for a little bimble about.  I always like the noise of a clean rotor.

While I was out, the Bridge fire kicked off in Auburn - I watched the smoke start to rise :o(

After I'd got home, Chris texted to see if I was at the hangar, as he'd fixed his plane and wanted somewhere to go - I pointed out the fire at Auburn, and he flew within a couple of miles of it to see what was going on.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

September 4th

I started the day clearing out the queue at work, as I was on call.  Then I headed out to the airport, for the EAA pancake breakfast.  I'd been thinking about going somewhere else, but Placerville is closed for the fire fighting planes to be based there, and I was told that Sutter had cancelled their lunch, so I just sat around and chatted.

Kristina and I were talking, and I told her she was still on my list to fly in the gyro - she'd asked to go up ages ago, when I was rebuilding the rotor, but we've not been able to sync up.  As the smoke's been crappy, she didn't have any students, so we decided to take the gyro up for a potter around.  I took off and got out of the pattern, then handed it over to her to fly, so I was unlikely to do anything to cause me a problem if I need her to do a biennial flight review some time :o)

When we got back to the Lincoln area, she gave the plane back to me and I flew overhead and landed.

She headed off, and I bothered Bill in the hangar for a while, as he's installing new LED lights in the RV-6 before heading home to catch up on work.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

September 1st

A new month, so here are the stats:

Power billed

Power generated

In the evening I attended the online EAA IMC / VMC club meeting.

Monday, August 30, 2021

August 29th

It's still too smoky to fly, so we reattached the previously loose tile to the garage roof, then went and met Randy and Elise for lunch in Roseville.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

August 28th

It was too smoky to fly anywhere, so we took Tilly to the dog park and let her run around until her legs ached.

We'd talked about going to Elk Grove to see the Zero FXS, but they didn't have one in stock.  So we went to the Honda dealer to see the new (5 speed) Grom.  I'd be interested in the breakdown that means a $3400 motorcycle is over $5000 out the door :o(

I'll wait and see what happens with the Sondors Metacycle.  I have some reservations (hub motor means a lot of unsprung weight, their 80 mile range is probably at 15mph, I doubt it can hold 80mph for more than a few minutes,) so I'll wait to see some reviews that answer those questions.

Other than that, we pretty much just pottered around at home.

Monday, August 23, 2021

August 22nd

A bunch of us met up at Auburn for brunch, either flying or driving.

Chris had got up to 4,000' trying to get above the smoke without success.

The flight home seemed worse to me, but Randy thought it was better.  Still, I don't think we'll be going too far for a few more weeks.

August 21st

I met Shane at the airport to supervise him putting the air filter back on his plane.  It was still pretty smoky, so I wasn't going to fly.

His friend Jason came to see the plane, and we discovered that Jason's hip to knee measurement was so long that he can't get in the passenger seat!

August 20th

Shane's bought Ken's Magni M-16, and is going to be taking lessons in it.  For some reason, Ken suggested I run him through the pre-flight, so we met at the airport and I did just that.  After he'd taxied around for a bit to see the ground handling, we pulled the filthy air filter off and cleaned it, then left it to dry.

There's a lot of smoke, so I didn't feel like flying.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

August 19th

We all loaded up into the van and drove back to Roseville.  The smoke from the Caldor fire is in the Bay area, and got worse the closer to home we got :o(

August 18th

We got the van packed up and took Tilly down to Vic's mother's.  This is the first time Tilly's been down there for years, and the first time she's spent the night there.  We all had a nice quiet evening, and then Tilly had an interrupted night as she didn't know where everything was, and she usually needs to go out again after midnight.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

August 17th

I'm having trouble at the moment due to some mosquito bites right on some joints, so I'm not pushing myself too hard.

I went and helped Randy track down a wiring fault in his landscape lighting.  Repeat after me - use outdoor wiring connectors for outdoor jobs.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

August 16th

I've taken the week off to do some things and stuff, and in the morning I worked on the fix for the rotten bit on the roof - I figure now's not the time to be buying a load of wood to replace chunks of the roof, so I just need this to hold until probably next year.  Now I just need to get up and nail the tile back down at some point.

In the evening, I dicked around with some older video for YouTub.

Monday, August 16, 2021

August 15th

Randy and I flew up to Oroville to meet Chris for lunch.

It was pretty smoky, but every aid said the visibility was at least 8 miles.  Still, we were low, so it wasn't terrible.  Chris had tried to get to Truckee, but ran out of visibility at around 6,000'.

We flew back down the Feather River, and the visibility was a bit better... we could see the Sutter Buttes, for example.  Big Brother didn't see us until we got to Marysville :o)

August 14th

I started the day by flying over to Cameron Park to meet Chris and Tim, and pick up John.

We all flew to Auburn for lunch (Chris and Tim in the RV) and John managed to throw his hat through my propeller.  I felt it, but luckily it didn't seem to do any damage.

After lunch, we tootled down the American River canyon part of the way, then I went and dropped John at Cameron Park so he could pick up his car.

Then I flew back to Lincoln and put the plane away.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

August 12th

Today was Tilly's 14th(!) birthday.  As she doesn't seem to want toys any more, we gave her a bunch of carrots and a banana.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

August 9th

I had a "wellness day" off from work, so I started the day by taking Tilly to the dog park.  She ran around a few times, lost her ball to a Rottweiler called Bailey (but it was a Penn tennis ball, so it's not like one of her favourites) and eventually wanted to come home.

One of my cow-orkers has come down with the COVID, so I checked in a few times, then went and took a flight around Folsom puddle with Randy.

Monday, August 9, 2021

August 8th

It was pretty smoky in the morning, so I decided to drive to Auburn.  Randy and Chris flew up, and said it wasn't too bad, but at least I didn't have to worry about being stuck there :o)

In the afternoon, Randy and I went and flew about for a bit.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

August 7th

Despite it being too smoky to fly, I went to the airport for the EAA breakfast, which wasn't well attended, to the point where I missed breakfast.

I did manage to take the brakes apart of the plane and clean everything before putting them together again.  I didn't pump out the pistons, as I think I'll get new O rings before trying that, in case I tear them.  Again.

In the afternoon, I went and met Chris and Randy for lunch.

August 6th

We watched "The Suicide Squad."

August 2nd

It wasn't horrifically hot after work, so we went out on our bicycles for a ride.  We ended up going a little further than anticipated (6 or 7 miles.)

Monday, August 2, 2021

August 1st

A new month, so here are the stats.

Power billed

Power generated

This is the most electrickery we've used in one month since I started tracking this - I'm blaming the silly heat we've been having.

I started the day flying to Cameron Park to help Chris install a new fuel line on his RV-6A.  I had time, so I flew over the house, and over Chris' house.

I also got to install a bar that allows you to get out of the RV without stepping on the floor, including a couple of drinks holders :o)

We then flew to Auburn to meet Randy for breakfast.  I flew over Don's house on the way :o)

I left Chris to head out to Georgetown, and flew back to Lincoln with Randy, where we dropped the planes back in the hangar and I went home to get some work done.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

July 31st

I picked Randy up, and we flew up to Auburn for brunch.

Bill flew up sort of with us in his RV-6, Vic rode and Bill's wife Jody drove up, and while we were waiting, Jarron showed up in his Bandit.

I was on call, and seemed to have a fair amount of work to do :o(

Saturday, July 31, 2021

July 30th

It's been sort of hot here...

So in the evening, we watched "A Quiet Place Part II."

Monday, July 26, 2021

July 25th

John and Jana came and picked up some stuff before heading back to SoCal, and it was hot enough when they left that I couldn't be bothered to go and open the hangar.

In the evening, I picked Randy up and we went and took a little flight down the American River canyon to Folsom, then home again.

When we got back, Jarron was out in his Bandit, so we watched him land before heading home.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

June 24th

We'd had a detailed plan for the day, with several interlocking pieces, which was thrown when John didn't sleep at all well.  In the end, they drove to Cameron Park so Jana could fly with Don to see what a small plane is like, and I flew over to meet them.

We had lunch with Chris, and then he flew Jana and John in his RV-6A so they could see the sort of plane you can fly with a Private Pilot's License rather than a Sport Pilot.  When that was all done, they drove back to the hotel, and I flew back to Lincoln.

In the evening, we all met up in Sacramento for dinner.

June 23rd

We all got up, I went to work and John went to Cameron Park to fly with Don, one of the instructors there.  I saw him briefly at lunchtime, and he's really liked the Pipistrel Alpha.  He headed in to Sacramento to stay at a hotel there after picking up Jana from Sacramento airport.

Friday, July 23, 2021

July 22nd

John's in town to see Don at Cameron Park about some flying, so we went out to dinner :o)

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

July 19th

After work I went over and helped Randy install a new oxygen sensor in the car he's selling (so it'll pass smog,) then we installed the visor on his new helmet.  I'm interested to see how that works out, as it's very adjustable for passengers in the gyro.

Monday, July 19, 2021

July 18th

We flew to Cameron Park, and circled overhead as Chris took off, then went down to Columbia for breakfast.

Chris and Randy played in a bunch of canyons on the way down, but I didn't want t risk hurting my hand, so I just pottered along watching.

After breakfast, we flew home.

We were too low over New Melones Lake and Copperopolis to show up :o)  This time I flew down with the guys most of the time.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

July 17th

I picked Randy up on the way to the airport.  Jarron was just getting read to go out in his Bandit when we pulled up,, and he joined us for breakfast at the EAA hangar.  After breakfast, we flew around Beale, stopping for Jarron to get more gas at Sutter (it's an ultralight, so carries 5 gallons, which is enough for an hour, but not much more.)

Oh, great chunks of the flight are missing because we were too low to show up :o)

When we got back, I changed the oil in the plane, and did the 50 hour service before going home.

In the evening, we went to Roseville for the downtown Saturdays thing, which was pretty sparsely attended.

Friday, July 16, 2021

July 13th

I've just got a Surface Duo to try and replace my old Galaxy Tab S2.  So far I like it, despite the line across the centre of the screens, and I'm trying to decide whether this could also replace my Galaxy S8.  At least until the folding screen phones come down in price :o)

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

July 11th

I went out to the airport, to fly and meet Chris for breakfast.  Randy texted me to say he's feeling a lot better after his operation, so I got both planes out and cleaned the rotors on mine while I waited for him to arrive.  We flew towards Cameron Park, expecting to hear Chris leave, but when we didn't, we flew around Folsom Lake and headed to Auburn.

Chris had flown up with Chris O'Leary, in his SportStar.  I think I heard them leave, I just didn't realise who it was :o)

After lunch, we flew back to Lincoln.

When we got back to the hangar, Randy announced that his backup fuel pump wasn't working, so we changed it out for one of our spares and threw it away.  I figured while we had the tools out, I'd play with the squeaking left wheel, and ended up rotating the tyre to wear out the other side of the tread.

We went back to Randy's, where we tore his spare headset apart and built it in to a helmet.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

July 10th

We got up stupid early to fly to Colusa for the Old Tyme Fly-In, getting there after most of the Lincoln crew at about 08:30.

It was a lovely flight up, I spent a lot of time just flying hands off as there were no gusts or thermals to deal with.

I bought some tickets for the raffle, and we won some plants, some walnuts and honey (it's a farming area) and a print of a watercolour painting.  Bruce agreed to bring them back to Lincoln for us in his RV-6 :o)

Having explained to some dumbass that the little girl in the Luscombe by herself is actually a CFI, we then flew back to Lincoln and went home and hid from the heat.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

July 7th

I got around to installing a toilet to match the new one in the guest bathroom in the master bathroom.   It took less than 2 hours without rushing at all, and I reckon a good chunk was cleaning the old caulk off the floor before I could put the new one in.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

July 5th

As July 4th fell on a Sunday, we got today off.

Luckily Tilly can't hear well enough to spend the night stressing about the fireworks, so she slept well.

I went to the airport with the intention of flying before I met Chris for lunch.

I flew over towards Cameron Park (apparently Rob texted Chris to say he could land at his house, thinking I was Chris,) then tootled back to Lincoln.  Chris was running a little late, so I used the time to clean my air filter and chat with Tony.

After lunch, I went home and did nothing for the rest of the day.

Monday, July 5, 2021

July 4th

Today was Independence Day, when Americans celebrate the end of civilised society by blowing things up and going shopping.

I met Ken and Todd at the airport, and we flew up to Oroville for their 4th July fly-in.

Ken and Todd left shortly after Chris and Martin arrived, so I hung around with them for a while, then headed back.  I went and flew over the house, but nobody came out and waved.

In the evening, we watched "A Quiet Place," (again) before going to bed early to try and avoid the worst of the fireworks.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

July 3rd

I got up early and flew over to Placerville for their pancake breakfast - I didn't eat, as I'd been aiming to meet Chris for lunch.

When I told Judi (who was running the event) that I'd be flying back to Cameron Park (where she lives) to meet Chris, she wanted to come along with me, leaving her husband to fly their Pipistrel back by himself.

Chris and Kayley, his daughter, were short on time, so we didn't go to Columbia like he'd hoped, or Sutter like I'd thought.  We just went to Auburn.  We flew past his house, then he flew close to me to get some video with his Insta360.  Which, it turned out, didn't have a charged battery.  Doh.

I left him to go home and get yelled at for being late and headed back to Lincoln.