Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 14th

So I went out and looked at the flooding in the garden, picked the deepest part and dug a hole as far down as I could - about a food before I would have had to paddle to get the shovel in any further.  After a while, the water level had gone down a bit, so I dug down until I hit solid ground.  And by solid, I mean I thought it was concrete or something, but I can still get a fork into it.  I'll wait for the water to fully dissipate before going any further, but there's the problem, methinks.

In the house I did some patching on the walls that have been patched, then taped and painted another wall.  I make that 3 walls to go, and 2 of those are pretty small.  Still, I'll have to move the entertainment centre to get the big wall done.

I did a little tinkering with the YSR, and I've decided that the flasher relay really isn't working.  I've put in LED warning lights to replace the 6v bulbs, and now discovered that the turn signal warning light light only when you're turning left (or right, if you rotate it 180 degrees and put it back in), but then all the bulbs are lighting.  I went and picked up some stuff, including an incandescent bulb for the turn signals, and a flasher relay that'll hopefully work.  And a battery - I was wondering if 4.5Ah would be enough, but the battery that starts the plane is 12Ah, and that's just fine.

Talking of the plane, I know what the capacity of the battery is because we went over to Lincoln, where I reset the compass (it's been vague at best since rebuilding the panel) and then did a couple of wide circuits - we were using 33, and there were skydivers, so my usual downwind leg would have been too close to their landing zone.  As the new freeway still isn't open, I flew over that - I figure I can easily land there if I have an engine failure :o)

After picking up my stuff on the way home, we stopped for dinner at a "London Style" fish and chips place that Gwen wanted my opinion of.  They don't do steak and kidney pies or saveloys, but the fish (no more descriptive than that, I'm afraid) was OK.

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