Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29th

I started the day doing a little painting, then I went and hacked at the grass - it's been a while since I cut it, so the lawnmower was struggling in places. Still, Tilly's a lot happier, as I can't hide her ball in the long grass.

I tinkered with the YSR, and it looks like the problem I have at the moment is the warning light - electrickery runs both ways, so all the lights are coming on.  I'm going to think about it, but diodes should help there.

When Vic got back from the SPCA, we grabbed lunch and watched the Jerez MotoGP race - it was a pretty good race, even if Rossi didn't win it.  Oops, spoilers :o)

We went to the airfield so I could replace the fuel vent hose, and we went up for a bunch of circuits.  When it started getting busy (and there was a powered parachute, apparently without a radio, running against the circuit direction) we landed.

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