Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 31st

It was raining and / or windy all bloody day, so I tinkered with the YSR in the garage.  I've been working on removing all the 6V components, and installing 12V stuff I have.  I've put in an LED tail light bulb (that should probably be replaced, as it's not very bright) and LED headlight bulbs (that are surprisingly bright - I might put one incandescent bulb in for the high beam though).  I thought I'd found a wiring problem when the turn signals caused the head and tail light to go out, but it's just my little test 12V power adapter can't cope with the extra 20W of bulbage.  I've sat down and ordered LED replacements for the warning lights in the speedo (except the oil warning light, that I can't figure out how to remove) and the turn signals.  I'll add stuff in as stuff arrives.  As it was still raining, I installed a scooter brake lever - it's designed for a brake, rather than a clutch like I usually use, so hopefully it won't have such an overpowering piston size (it's not listed on the casing, I'll bleed it up overnight).

In the evening, we went out to a local bar and drank cider while eating little cheeseburgers.

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