Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2nd

After brunch, I set about taking the cruise control box off the van so it can be sent back under warranty - whenever the selling company deigns to issue me an RMA number.  At the moment it's taking them 2 days to respond to a message, and the last response was that they couldn't find me by their order number, I need to find their invoice number, which wasn't on any email they sent me, it's on the packing slip.  I'm expecting a response to the invoice number by the middle of the week :o(

After that, Vic took the van to get some hay (hey hey) for the guinea pigs, and I hacked lumps off the trees.  When she got home, we continued hacking lumps off the trees until my elbow started to ache after me banging it on the ladder I was using.  I'm clumsy, don't judge me.

In the evening, I played some Warcraft and got my druid up to level 90, and all kitted up and ready to play in the big leagues.

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