Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 31st

After a miserable night with thunder and lightning and rain, Vic wanted waffles for breakfast, so we went out and got waffles.  And some nice new 8mm washers.  And a new flourescent light fixture for the garage.

After breakfast, I got Vic to help me tidy up the wiring on the DRZ, and buttoned that up, then we changed out one of the light fixtures in the garage.  Basically the light's been flickering for a while, so I tried some new bulbs, and it still flickers.  The new fixture has solved that, so it looks like the ballast's failed.  I'll look at that when the mood takes me.

I taped the smallest GPS I have on to the DRZ, and went for a test ride over to see Vince and check he's still alive.  He's still alive, he's just been hanging around at the airfield.  The GPS doesn't work for crap, as it didn't get a fix until I was at the airfield, and it then dropped out pretty much as soon as I hit 50mph on the way home, so I'm assuming the speedo's roughly correct.  I'll fix it later if it bothers me.

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