Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 15th

I got the new sensor for the weather station, so I put that up in the roof, and moved the old outdoor sensor to the front of the house so it'll be less likely to be interfered with.  Interestingly, the old sensor seems to read high.

We put together a storage doohickey, then lifted it down the side of the house (there isn't the space to put it together down there).  Yay - that thing seems to have been sitting on the patio for ever.

Vic went to some fundraising thing, so I went over to the airfield.  It was pretty crosswind-y (190 at 11mph, the runway's 150), but not very gusty, so I enjoyed it.  I'm still constantly checking the cylinder head temperature, but hopefully as I get more relaxed, I'll stop doing this.

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