Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2nd

We watched the MotoGP race from Mugello.  It was a bit of a "meh" race, but that could be because Rossi was knocked off on the 3rd corner.  Oh, spoilers.

Tilly's been all sorts of excited now it's warm, so we decided to take her for a long walk to tire her out.  Vic dropped me at one end of a trail I cycle down, and we walked a mile and a half to two miles and she picked us up again.  Tilly treats everything like a race, but we saw wild turkeys (they're stupid, you have to make a lot of noise to make them aware that you're catching them up) and people standing in the creek.  Tilly got very hot, despite several water stops, and was pretty pooped by the time we got back in the Jeep.

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