Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 16th

I've decided to wire up a little voltmeter in the can so I can see the voltage that the solar panel is producing.  I got a 3 way switch (left, right, off), so the plan is to be able to check the solar panels and the house battery.  Later, I'll do another one for the house vs the car battery, but I need the meter to show up to do that.  Anyway, I ran some wires down to the solar charge controller, and hooked them up to the switch and the voltmeter.  When I hooked the ground wire together, there seemed to be a charge running through, which was odd.  I played around for a while, and gave up and went and asked Fred whether what I was doing would work, and he said yes, it should, so that would suggest that I have the writes the wrong way somewhere.  At that point, I have up as I had arranged to meet Vic for lunch.  As the van was full of tools (I'd been cutting holes in things), I took the DRZ, and wore my new motorcycle jacket for the first time.  I'd forgotten what it's like to have to break in a new jacket, as my old stuff is nice and soft.  Anyway, when I got back, I decided to use the PWM controller rather than the MPPT controller that I think is suspect.  It's sort of working in my tests, but I need to get some crimps to wire it all up properly.

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