Monday, November 25, 2013

November 24th

I went out and ran a bunch of errands and bought stuff.  One of the things I wanted to get was some CREE LED bulbs to try, and Home Depot has them on sale.  Well, sort of - it looks like they're being instantly rebated by some electricity providers, but not others.  When I went to the nearby Home Depot, Roseville Electric doesn't seem to be taking part.  In the parking lot, I ended up talking to an elderly couple who have a diesel Vanagon, and he seems interested in buying mine :o)  So, on the way to the airfield, I went to Lincoln's Home Depot, where they are on sale, but they only had 1 (opened) on the shelf.  I asked the nearby staff member if they had any more, and their inventory system said they had 24 more.  We wandered around and couldn't find them.  They checked out the back, and couldn't find them.  So, I ended up buying them there, to be picked up in the Roseville branch, at the Lincoln (slightly less than half) price.

I went to the airfield and did an hour in the plane - it was chillier than I'd been expecting.

On the way home, I stopped and collected my LED bulbs, and when I got home put them in the family room light, and in the critter room - I figure these are the most used bulbs in the house, so they'll make the most difference.

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