Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 23rd

I starred the day in the garage, repairing a puncture on the older pushbike... it's been down with a slow puncture for a while.  I only discovered it when I was thinking about taking it to the airfield for running around, rather than walking everywhere like a schmuck.  Anyway, that's fixed.  I put together the rail for the timelapse setup, now I just need to decide how to drive it.  I knocked apart one of the surplus old pieces of wood with my hand axe, the started work on the van.  I took out the spacers I'd put on the front wheels when I was running 235 section tyres, as now it's down to 215s, I don't think they're necessary.  I then started work on installing a headlight relay.  I already have a high beam relay, as that's 220W that doesn't need to run through the light switch, but I've been thinking that the normal low beams are on more, so now (with Vic's help) that 110V doesn't come through the light switch either.  I was tidying up the recycling when the sliding door on the van rolled all the way back hard enough to break the latch for the sliding window (it was sitting on the sloped driveway at the time), so I got to bring it back in while I fixed that with some longer screws.  It never ends, does it?

I did some tinkering with some videos Frank's given me of the Cozy jet, but I can only read half of them.  I'm blaming him, as I even downloaded the GoPro software, and it couldn't handle them.

In the evening, we watched "Interstellar", which was pretty good.

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