Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24th

I collected up the remains of the recycling, and dropped a bunch of it on the floor in the garage, meaning there was broken glass everywhere.  We cleared that up, even getting the vehicles out so the floor is swept and cleaner than it's been since I sealed it.  I then headed out and dropped it off (cardboard goes to one place, cans and bottles go to another).  Eventually I ended up at the airfield, where I dropped off the old pushbike, then decided to take the plane out.  Mind you, it was 11:00, rather than the evening.  The wind hadn't got up yet, but there were a lot of thermals around, so, having passed an eagle at 800' who looked at me like I was crazy, I headed back.

At home I did a bunch of work on the spreadsheet that holds my log book, basically to make it line up with my hard copy log book better (and I can have the computer figure out the totals for everything at the end of the page now).

We had intended to barbecue, but Richard called to ask us to dinner to say "thanks" for me dumping a pile of old model railway stuff I don't need on him, so we had pizza instead :o)

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