Monday, May 11, 2015

May 9th

Vic's fish tank has been condemned, as it's a) got a snail problem and b) got some sort of bacterial problem.  The vet said to move the fish to a new tank, and destroy this one.  I'm pretty sure bleach and sunlight'll kill most bacteria, but this thing is old, and shows a lot of water damage, so we went and looked at new tanks.  We're currently thinking about a corner tank, which'll obviously need a new stand, lid, pump, lighting etc.  So we'll probably get working on that sooner rather than later, as it'll have to sit and allow everything to settle for a month or so before we can move fish into it.  I'm hoping we can get some sparkly fish too, as the full spectrum LED lights they use now make them light up well.

We took the old TV over to Gwen's (it's too big and heavy to put in a car, after all), and got that all set up.

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