Friday, July 24, 2015

July 23rd

One of the things I've bought to try on the DRZ is a radial hydraulic clutch lever for a front brake - it fits in smaller and tidier than the one that's on there at the moment.  I took the current one off (luckily not all the way off), and offered up the new radial one.  Him no fit.  It also looks like the stubbier lever wouldn't be long enough.  So, looks like I'll have to buy another bike to use it :)

Thinking about it though, I could maybe put the levers on the other way round - it's currently throttle - switchgear - clutch - brake.  It might fit in throttle - switchgear - brake - clutch.  Something to think about, anyway.  The interesting thing is that I had to get a pressure switch, built in to a banjo fitting.  I didn't know they made those, so live and learn.

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