Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 25th

I got up on the roof and washed the solar panels - we're supposed to be saving water, but I figure that's only a couple of buckets' worth, so screw it.  I swear I have ADD.  I was walking down the garden to turn on the water to the hose on the roof... "Oh, dog poop, I'll clear that up.  Is that a weed?".

I installed an LED headlight on the DRZ - I took a bit of time tidying up the wiring and relays and suchlike, as that's another box to keep down there, and there's not that much space.  It looks pretty bright to me, but I'll have to take it out at night to really see if there's a difference.  The light uses 45W, rather than 55 or 60W, and is white rather than yellowish.

We went out to run some errands, and stopped at Roseville Honda to look at some helmets for Vic.  They didn't have the Arai we wanted to look at, but I ran in to Rich, who I haven't seen for years, on his first day working there.  While Rich and I were chatting, Vic found a Shoei she liked, and we played around with that to find it solves a bunch of problems.  I'll investigate it, as I do everything :o)

I went over to the airfield, aiming to tinker with a few things on the plane, but totally failed to do them, and the wind was blowing in almost 90 degrees across the runway, so I gave up.

We met Rich and family for dinner, and ended up standing outside until gone midnight chatting :o)

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