Friday, July 31, 2015

July 29th

It was so hot today that on my bicycle ride, the goats couldn't be bothered to run away from me :o)

In the evening I went to the chronic pain class, and we talked about sleep.  There's a plan where you only allow yourself the number of hours in bed that you sleep for, which sounds interesting but I have no idea how long I sleep, or how many times I wake up.  The thing is, apparently research shows that 4 hours of solid sleep is better than 8 hours of broken sleep.  Maybe I'll  just figure I get 6 hours, and work from there - that'd mean going to bed around midnight, and getting up around 6am.  We'll see.

We discovered that the HTPC wasn't downloading the guide, so it didn't know when stuff was on and record it.  It seems that Microsoft had changed guide providers, and we were one of the systems that didn't catch the change.  I ended up redoing the TV setup to get it to pick up the guide, and it took... a while... to go through all the channels and strip out the stuff we don't get, or want.

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