Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 12th

I went to my chronic pain class thingy, and listened about stress and mindfulness.

When I got home, I tightened up the oil drain bolts on the DRZ, as there was a little spot under it where it was parked.  I also put a new mounting bolt on the mirror, as I managed to break that tightening it up - I guess I'm lucky it didn't drop off when I was futzing with it while riding :o)  After that, I spent about 10 minutes replacing both pulleys on my mountain bike's rear derailleur - both came in the set, so I figured they could both do with replacing.  There's a plastic bushed one, and a steel bushed one.  I put the steel one in the bottom, as that's what was there before.  While I was at it, I cleaned the rear cogs and re-oiled the chain again, as it was easier than when there's a constant pull on the chain.

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