Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3rd

I took the day off - it's a comp day for being on call at the weekends.  I cleared out a couple of niggling little things around the house, and played some Warcraft (they've given me a free week to try and get me to come back to playing more regularly).  It seems that you're spending all your time getting resources for the new boat quests, and that's... dull.

I went over to the airfield and fixed Danny's little red cart - we'd used it to move his engine from his side of the hangar to mine, and it was broken then.  Anyway, next time I see him, I'll give it back to him, and he'll be happy, as I think he misses it :o)  It was quite windy, so all the smoke has been blown out.  I went up and did a couple of circuits, but it was a bit late to be doing much else.

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