Monday, August 10, 2015

August 9th

We killed time until we could watch the excellent MotoGP race from Indianapolis.  I think Valentino needs to work on his qualifying, as he was lapping faster than the leaders for a fair chunk of the race, but it's hard to make your way back from an 8th place start.

I went over to the airfield and finished cleaning the plane, then went out for over an hour and a half - I flew to the Feather River, from there over Far West Lake, and then up to Auburn.  I was going to land there, but there were a couple of planes doing circuits, and landing every few minutes, so I just watched for a while, then went back to the airfield.

While I was up, I'd been getting called for work, despite not being on call - it had pretty much killed my phone's battery.  I spent a while trying to get my phone charged enough that I could answer the call, and when I eventually did, it was a fscking robo-call.  I went home in a huff.

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