Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 1st

I got all the hacks to run Media Centre on Windows 10 installed on the new PC, and put in the new graphics card and the old tuner card.  While the case was open, I patched the old PC's hard drive in and copied across all the old media files.  I then plugged it all in and hooked it up to the TV antenna so I could run the setup for that.  Every time I moved the mouse, it was switching the resolution, as the TV runs at 3840x2160, and I have it set up for 1920x1080.  Well, this wasn't going to work.  I tried backing out of the Windows 10 upgrade, and it didn't want to know, so I ended up reinstalling Windows 7 and starting again.  I left it downloading OS updates and copying media and we went out to dinner with Vince.

When we got back, the copying was still going on, as it had stalled asking if I wanted to merge 2 folders with the same name - of course I did, one of then was empty, and the other had some 20,000 files in it. Geez...

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