Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2nd

I finished copying everything and upgrading the new PC, and most stuff worked.  I had to set the motherboard to PCI gen 1 to have it see the TV tuner card (auto didn't work), and I had to set the default audio output to be the SPDIF rather than the TV.  I then had to set our zip code to 95668 rather than 95757 to get it to download the guide data, and it's all set up and working.  I left it to turn itself on and record a program, and took Tilly for a long walk, where she got to run and run and run, found and lost a baseball, paddled in puddles and then got a ride home in the Jeep when Vic met us. Everything on the new PC continues to work, but I'll probably look at something like Kodi so I can upgrade to Windows 10 at some point.

As a test of the BluRay software, we watched "An Unexpected Journey".  It worked out just fine, but we got a Blue Screen of Death when I pressed "stop" when it had finished.  Hmmm...

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