Sunday, May 17, 2020

May 16th

I went over to the airfield and installed the exhaust mount on Chris' plane, and got it all safety wired up.

I hung around and waited for Randy, who was going to go and get Chris, then flew out to Cameron Park with him.  There was a fair old wind blowing from the South, so it took us longer to get there than usual, but we got back quickly.  I ended up bringing Chris back.

Having landed, Chris said he was happy with the exhaust mount, and we went and got lunch at Mary's, where a nice old guy bought us lunch because he likes to see bunches of pilots talking about flying :o)

Vic's oldest guinea pig, Jasmine, has been losing weight for a while, and hasn't been eating for the last day or so.  We looked at her and decided it was time, so we went to the vet and had her put to sleep.  The vet thought it was probably cancer, so it's not like there was anything that could be done :o(

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