Monday, May 4, 2020

May 2nd

I got up early and went to the airport to talk to Ken.  My biennial Flight Review is due as of yesterday, and we chatted about the new 90 day waiver that the FAA have put in place - basically if I've flown more than 10 hours in the last month (check) and have at least 3 points in the Wings Safety online seminars since January, I can fly.  I had 2 points, as I'd done a runway incursion seminar a while ago, and I did a safety course in preparation for my BFR, so I went home and started doing some more classes.

While my GPS was updating with all the latest maps, we went and met Randy for lunch.  He'd intended to fly a neighbour this morning, but it's been gusty all day, so he put that off until tomorrow.

When we got home, I knuckled down and finished up a radio class and a safety class, and now I have 3.5 points since January.  I can now fly again :o)

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