Tuesday, October 26, 2021

October 25th

I had a day off, so I took the van and got it smogged.  It's always a fraught experience, as there were a lot of problems smogging it when I first had the new engine in there, but (touch wood) it's actually been fine since the newer ECU went in.

The weather station's been having some fun - due to all the rain, the little solar panel wasn't able to charge the batteries for the external sensors, and it stopped working.  It's sort of working now, other than the temperature reading -40F, but I'll replace the batteries.  Rather than the unobtainium rechargeable alkaline batteries, they recommend lithium non rechargeables now, so I'll get some of those before climbing up on the roof.  If the sensor itself is bad, I still have the new sensor array that came with the replacement station that I can use if necessary.

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